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/cast [@arena1][mod:shift] Silencing Shot; Scatter Shot

this only does silencing shot, anyone know why?
can someone help me with this please :P
[this condition][OR this one]

[this condition,AND this one]

You're telling it to always cast silencing shot on arena1, no matter what, or to cast silencing shot on your current target if you hold shift (which never triggers because the first condition always triggers), or to cast scatter shot on your current target if neither of those is true (which also never triggers).

Can't tell exactly what you're trying to do, but here's a guess:
/cast [@arena1,mod:shift] Silencing Shot; [@arena1] Scatter Shot

Silencing Shot on arena1 if you hold shift, scatter shot on arena1 otherwise. If that's not what you're trying to accomplish, describe it in detail.
Thanks! Its working fine now

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