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It appears that the in game options to "display only character achievements" is not currently being honored by the forums and armory.

As an example, I can see the Tanaris Quest completion achievement on Phee's armory (as well as a couple alts I checked) despite the fact that I completed that achievement today on a completely different character.

I did also check to see if I was still seeing account wide achievements even if I logged out of the Battle.net website, and I still saw the account wide information.

I know that this was working before, although I'm not exactly sure at what point it stopped working.
Yup, same here. Despite having the display only character achievements checked, my characters are showing all shared achievements. Not sure when it stopped working either.
Thanks for the report, I filed the proper internal tickets and will test this out over the next few weeks.
Same here. Pretty sure it was working just recently.
Adding some dates that will hopefully help. I noticed it last Tuesday (10/2). I'd been leveling this character at an incredible place and was carefully tracking her achievements separate from everyone else. I asked @BlizzardCS about it on twitter Tuesday afternoon, but they never replied. I noticed the mobile armory continued to show character only points for a few days (at least through Thursday 10/4) after it stopped working on the web armory, but now both are showing account wide points.
This just changed again today; it had been working as intended, showing only character-specific achievements but now it's showing full account-wide achievements. I also made sure the toggle was still checked in the game's interface menu.
Anything else we can do to help get this figured out? Kind of annoying for us altoholics trying to track individual toon progress.
I was advised by "customer service" that they cannot even tell me whether it's intended that every character I've logged into since Patch 5.0.4 shows the same achievements on their Armory profiles, even though I've immediately enabled the "Only Character Achievements" option on all of them, and that my only hope of getting an answer is to make a forum post here.

So, on the off chance any Blizzard employees feel like providing some actual customer service, is the situation I've described "working or intended" or a bug?

I have serious privacy concerns about a feature that allows anyone to identify all of the characters on my account by matching their achievements, especially when coupled with the real-time activity feed. I suppose I can only blame myself for trusting that the option was working, and not actually checking the website sooner, but quite frankly I'm pretty creeped out by this, to the point where I don't even feel like playing, and definitely won't be logging into any characters I haven't already logged into since Patch 5.0.4 (since that would cause their Armory pages to update and publicly link them to my account).

I don't use social networking sites like Facebook and FourSquare; I'm just not interested in sharing my private life with the entire Internet, not least because I have been stalked in the past and know how easy these services make it for stalkers to track their victims' activity. I play WoW because it's a great game, not because I'm looking for a social network. Please don't force me to choose between protecting my basic privacy and continuing to play the game I've enjoyed for years. Fix the "Display Only Character Achievements" option, or at least tell us you're working to fix it.
11/10/2012 08:09 PMPosted by Radjan
is the situation I've described "working or intended" or a bug?

It's definitely a bug, and one that should not take more than a month to fix so it's apparently considered very low priority. That's unfortunate because the entire achievement system in general could use an overhaul, both in-game and especially here on the armory.

Hopefully when/if they eventually get around to it they remember to hide your pets, mounts, and pet battle teams as well (like they were before), since those could also be used to track your account across characters. All of that should be set up to show if you're logged in on that character's account but not for anyone else if you have the "Display Only Character Achievements" checkbox ticked in-game.

It should honestly be trivial to implement and what makes this bug particularly frustrating is knowing the functionality was at one point working properly. Or at the very least gave the illusion it was working properly.
Yesterday one of my characters was toasted with the "Within Our Grasp" achievement and the armory is showing the account achievement from a few years ago. Still have the in-game checkbox ticked to only show character achievements, too...

This bug started out as annoying, as all bugs do, but being a known issue for this long is simply making the Blizzard web team look incompetent.
The armory is now showing the date the achievement was first earned, regardless of which character got the achievement. It does not seem to recognize when the selected character earned it, only the date it happened for the first time on the account. This character has done all but one of the Classic and BC dungeons since Mists came out, but the dates for the Dungeons & Raids achievements reflect when my main did them in 2008.

It no longer seems possible to track individual character achievements when not logged into the game, which is very disappointing. Especially since this functionality was working a month ago.
11/28/2012 04:57 PMPosted by Brianta
It no longer seems possible to track individual character achievements when not logged into the game

Even then it's a pain in the !@# to mouseover every single achievement to see if that character completed it or not. Granted, that's an in-game issue where there should be an option to view just that character's completed achievements, but the information is all there; it's just a matter of filtering it correctly, both in-game and on the armory.
This is still a problem for me as well. I've filed it as a bug for the game, but so far have had no response as to whether it's a known issue (it isn't listed) or other acknowledgement that it's something Sapperwix's team is aware of.
11/30/2012 01:43 PMPosted by Bomdanil
I've filed it as a bug for the game

Hopefully it's not lost in an endless cycle between the web and game developers, each considering it the other's bug.
This is still a problem as of the latest hotfixes. Has it been determined whether it's a website bug or a bug with the game features/UI yet? There hasn't been an update in either forum about the problem thus far.
Is this fixed?
01/12/2013 08:10 PMPosted by Zambey
Is this fixed?

Nope. But you can do what I've done and turn it into a game of masochism.

All you need to do to play is check the armory every day and hope, "maybe today it will FINALLY be fixed."

After more than three solid months of disappoint... entertainment, I think I'll probably !@#$ myself if they ever actually DO fix it.
Any news on this? Honestly, if there was this big an issue with it, why was it released in the first place?

I finally hit my limit last night of being reminded that my alts, no matter if moved or new, are still quite identifiable to another player. I don't think I will really be able to play in peace again until this is fixed.
When will this be fixed? It's a privacy concern. Basically, anyone who knows one of your characters can see by your activity feed whether or not you're playing the game at all, on any character. This is not okay, especially considering it's a bug. It needs to be addressed.
I see this is still not fixed. Can we get an estimate?

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