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Another maintenance day goes by, and this still isn't fixed. Estimate?
Another maintenance day goes by, and this still isn't fixed. Estimate?

It'll be another five months or so for the next update. It will go something along the lines of, "It's fixed now," but it really won't be. Then we'll get, "There's still a problem but we've moved this to Priority 1 status so it should be fixed soon(TM)."

This cycle will repeat, stated in various ways until the WoW servers are shut down:

Thanks for the link to the other thread Ack. You're probably right about how this will go, sadly.
I. Just. !@#$. My. Pants.

THANK YOU for fixing this.
Just a note for those who haven't noticed the updates on their characters yet: you'll need to log in/out of the game again as it doesn't recognize the setting on characters logged out prior to today (2013-04-02).

This is so awesome. It's like my toons have an identity again.
It looks like it's been partially fixed, but now it shows that I don't have any pet related achievements (see profile). Anyone else having this issue?

Edit: Also, the number under my portrait differs from the one on my profile.
Pet related achievements are only stored at the account level and won't be shown if you have this option selected in game. This goes for all of the account level achievements.

I added a bug internally about the forum achievement totals not matching the profile ones. Thanks for pointing that out.
I'm going to repost this here. I originally posted this in another thread about this issue, but I'm not sure anyone from the Web team is watching that one, so here goes:


Okay, here's what I suspect is happening with this. See this character (it's my husband's and I have his permission to post this link here and use his character as an example):


Last updated on 4/6/13, which means that's the date he last logged in on that character, right? Yet in the activity feed, it shows That Rabbit's Dynamite, obtained two days ago (he and I formed a raid to kill that rabbit on Sunday morning, 4/7/13, with his level 90 horde priest).

Gates was logged into the game since the patch that supposedly fixed this achievements issue, but hasn't been logged in since he obtained that achievement for killing the Darkmoon Rabbit on his priest.

Therefore, what seems to be happening is that when you get an achievement on any character, it will show up on all of your characters until each one is logged into the game after the achievement is obtained.

As I said in my last post, it's half-fixed at best. You shouldn't have to log in on every character each and every time you get an achievement that's not account-wide to make sure that the achievements are showing correctly (or not showing, as the case may be). If this is working as intended, it's not really good enough.


Other than that, I see Pet Battle achievements on all of my characters, so is that something that's been fixed now or is it only a problem for some?

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