[H]25M 6/6! Enkeli @ Blackrock US

Guild Recruitment

<Enkeli> of Blackrock Horde is aiming at a Top #200 (Top #100 25man) World WoWProgress ranking during MoP and following Xpacs.

We had our first raid this week on 25m & jumped to Realm 2nd in one night, we are currently 6/16.


You will be expected to put in maximum effort, min max your gear(i.e, reforge & regem everything if you get a new peice to gain 100 dps), & fight for your spot in the guild, we're preferably looking for people who are & have been constantly parsing, as we have alot of people who are.


Holy/Disc Priest
Resto Druid

Shadow Priest
Resto Shaman

Retribution Paladin

Who are we and what are we about?
We are a newly formed guild consisting of several members from the now dead Premo and Gents Club + some friends from various high ranking WoWProgress guilds who have trouble handling times/7 day raiding.

We intend to continue to clear all content whilst current on 25man, with a toned down schedule of 3 days a week, semi-weekend times. We will be pushing for rankings and as such applicants should reflect this desire. The majority of our members have been earning top 50 world rankings over the course of the past 2 Xpacs as well as realm firsts.

Do not expect us to get Realm Firsts on Blackrock, as we're competing against another amazing 25man guild and a 10man guild that raids 7 days a week.

*We expect you to transfer/Faction Change to our guild as soon as you're accepted (or within reasonable time)*

EXCEPTIONAL applicants may get paid xfer.

What are raid times?
California time - PST: 6PM to 11PM Thur/Fri/Sat
EST: 9PM to 2AM Thur/Fri/Sat
AEST (Australian Eastern): 11AM to 4PM Fri/Sat/Sun

I am thinking of applying, am I good enough/how do I do it?
All legit applications will be considered. To apply, simply go to: seamless.enjin.com & click the recruitment tab, fill in the application & we'll get back to you soon.

We are accepting players with slightly less exceptional parses and kill dates (Within the 5-10% range) provided their logs reflect potential. We will also take into account prior raid progress dating back to WotLK, if earned when current. You have nothing to lose by dropping us an app, so go for it!

How can I make my application exceptional?
Though not required, having multiple alts you are proficient in is a great bonus, due to class stacking (Also alt runs will be fun times, we promote a community in the guild). Prior heroic progress dating back several tiers is always a plus, as is high percentile parses. Telling us more about yourself is always a good plus as we like sociable people!

PS: Feel free to ask any questions in the thread, add on Real ID, or reply if you just wanna chat <3

Azarien ~ theopportunitylifestyle@hotmail.com
Miku ~ Ashlee.Paragon@gmail.com
Oxyra/Hakushi ~ PsychicPanda@gmail.com
Azarien is a ninja
Thanks Arc (: bump!
MoP is hard.
^ :(
Elegon to 13% tonight, people just too tired, will down tomorrow & will :)
Elegon down! Will should be down in under an hour!
6/6! Mogu'Shan Vaults Cleared!

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