Pet snacks!

Pet Battles
I love these things but for walking pets they're only good for walking around a small area.
I know flying removes the buff so I'm assuming that dismissing the pet manually has the same effect.

When you consider how often you'd need to feed a walking pet these things, how (relatively) rare they are, and how cute it makes our pets I think we need another option of obtaining them.

Suggestion 1:
Sell these along with pet bandages from that vendor in Dalaran.
They already sell the pet cleaning item and fetch ball, why not sell the pet snacks for 1-2g each?

I know I'd keep at least a full stack of each at all times.

Suggestion 2:
All trainer battles award a Sack of Pet Supplies.
If you want to make it more legit make it so the fight must be on level ground, so no using your level 25 pets on the trainer with a level 2 snake.

Please add this, I love how the Fel Flame looks when he's all big and puffed up.
+1 for semi-giant minfernals larger than I am <3
I just checked any it seems that if your pet is desummoned for any reason the buff will be lost.
This is so unfortunate because the snacks make for a really cool looking effect.

I haven't tried with flying pets because I only have 1 biscuit left.

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