Can we still AOE pull(level)?

I am trying to level this bull up to cap. I have not played this toon in awhile and with all the new changes can we still do this like we could in the old days of pally supremacy?
How about you try it once and then you'll have your answer.
I'd say it's even better than before. just keep sacred shield up, use SoI if you are taking too much damage, otherwise SoR would be the best choice, use consecration, avenger's shield, holy wrath and HotR at every CD (the splash damage procs the heal of SoI making it amazing for big pulls), use WoG if your hp goes below 70%, otherwise use SotR too keep the damage reduction bonus, and if anything goes wrong you have plenty of cd's at your disposal. We never had so much tools for aoe soloing.
Pretty much what Fourlorn said. The original forms of AoE grinding mostly involved waiting for mobs to die to Consecration and shield spikes while hoping that Seal of Light would keep up with the attacks you didn't block. Now we actually have, like, attacks that do AoE damage, and several powerful sources of self-healing.
In a single word OMFG! (Ok, so maybe an acronym) but the answer is a definitive yes. In fact it's even better than before as the posters above me have noted. Between having those sources of efficient self heals and aoe damage attacks combined with befitting mitigation you should have no problem pulling a dozen mobs or so and whittling them down and at 20k plus rested exp per mob you'll find the levels go by pretty fast, The only caveat (To me at least) is the constant clanging of our attacks will take some getting used to. The noise is quite piercing.

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