Mistweaver healing concerns

So, after finally leveling from 1-90 and now running dozens of heroics, here are some concerns I have with Mistweaver healing, and I'm curious to see people's thoughts on them.

a) Lack of tank cooldowns - unlike the other healers, we have no sort of big cooldown to drop on tanks to help with heavy incoming damage (ironskin, PW: Barrier, Guardian Angel, etc). The closest thing we have is Life Cocoon, which combos well with other hot-based healing (ie: resto druids). However, the issue is that the bonus to hot-heals is removed as soon as the absorb barrier drops, which is generally after 2-3 seconds. The buff to hot-based heals needs to be seperated from the actual shield, so that we get the full 12 seconds of bonus healing on the tank. Speaking on Life Cocoon, also removing the drop to the ground at the end of the effect, which currently interrupts any spells being cast, would also be nice.

b) AoE heals - our aoe healing setup seems fantastic for large scale healing (ie: 25 mans), especially when you have forewarning on large incoming raid damage, due to the combo of RM, thunder focus tea, and uplift spam. However, due to the large amount of set up involved in our aoe (especially with pets gobbling up stacks of RM), it's alot more difficult to counter group damage in heroics. I'm sure when I'm running 10 mans, this will become less of an issue when I have a priest or sham backing me up, but running as the lone healer, I *really* feel the pressure when a couple dps accidently eat a cleave, or step in some fire, and I have to wait on RM to start spreading to actually start healing them. Having RM spread instantly (or near instantly), rather than on tick, would go a *long* way to helping this issue.

c) Our mastery - I know that this has been complained about before, but I don't think there is enough that can be said about how frustrating this is. Yes, I know in 25 mans it can be great, simply because you have so many bodies that people will bump into them all the time, however I have little to no plans to run 25 mans, and I know I'm not alone. In 5 and 10 man content, these orbs rarely get used, and it makes mastery feel like a complete waste of item stats. This really needs to be changed to something that doesn't require exterior input to be useful, something like giving our heals a chance to generate an extra chi, or proc vital mist stacks, or increasing all healing while channelling soothing mists. All of them are interesting, change up gameplay, and are overall useful, without needing other players to make them worthwhile. You changed up the Resto Druid mastery, Blizz, because it was bad - it's not beyond reason to fix up ours.

d) Chi Burst - This is of more minor concern, and I love this ability, but I find it really awkward to use effectively. I would love to see this ability work similarly to Rushing Jade Wind, or Charging Ox Wave, and have the ability go to its max range, rather than to its target. As it is, you're often forced to try and find a target on the far side of the boss that is also in line with the tank, in order to get its full effect. Would be much better if I could just target the tank, and have Chi Burst hit all targets in that line out to its maximum range. But I'm sure that's just wishful thinking.

Sorry bout the huge post. I love this class, and I'm having a blast monk healing, and I'd love to make it even better and more enjoyable, especially on our mastery front, which is really just unfun at the moment. How do others feel? Am I out to lunch? Are there other concerns I missed?
I have some suggestions for you, as a healer, that should help. I'll relegate them to each of your individual concerns:

(A) Life cocoon maybe not be perfect, but it certainly works in a pinch. What monks have is the best burst healing on a single target over any other class. Relative to an emergency heal for a tank, that's a good thing. Of course, this comes with a heavy mana price. However, even our sustained tank healing is excellent. Enveloping mist works incredibly well in heroics.

(B) I think you are approaching AOE heals far too reactively. If you are encountering a group or a boss in 5M that has an AOE mechanic, you should be casting renewing mist off of CD. It's great practice for raid - where you will always be wanted to hit it off CD. As you get more and more spirit, it really won't be a major hit to your mana to do so. Now, with renewing mist on all of your targets, you suddenly are the most capable AOE healer out of the bunch. The healing from uplift is incredible. Out of Chi? Hopefully you picked up the Chi Brew Talent, and suddenly you have 2 additional uplifts to use on all you targets (absolutely incredible). Oh - and don't forget about thunderbrew - the best way to refresh your renewing mist on all targets.

(C) I can't comment on 10M, but I feel that the times they are useful in 25M will be just the same as 10M. I mean, in 25M there are more bodies, so more balls spawn...but there are also a large amount that don't get used. My suggestion? During heavy AOE phases, encourage your raiders to pick up a few of those orbs on the ground via vent. If your mastery results in 10%+ of your healing, it really isn't too shabby. But, if you are overly concerned, consider reforging to crit (after hitting ~1360 haste).

(D) Chi Burst takes a bit of practice. Really, it only seems usable in a stacked setting. But when stacked, it's heals are rather good...perhaps the best use of chi we've got (I will typically target the tank or the boss). I would prefer it to have a slightly more generous range though.
10/05/2012 11:11 AMPosted by Kungfucïus
During heavy AOE phases, encourage your raiders to pick up a few of those orbs on the ground via vent. If your mastery results in 10%+ of your healing, it really isn't too shabby.

I'm not 90 on Live, but I ran a lvl 90 Mistweaver (which I levelled from 1) on Beta for a few months and farmed the heck out of 5man heroics (and did some LFR testing I guess).

I'm no fan of our Mastery either, *but* I'm finding ways of working with it (just as I did with Lightwell when I was - briefly - a Holy priest). I have a /y macro politely encouraging people to consider relocating themselves if possible in proximity to green spheres *in their down time* and absolutely, in vent with my guild on raid night, I will be vocal about reminding them to abuse the hell outta the spheres.

If I feel people aren't using them enough via looking at our WoL data, I'll totally make note of who ate them and who didn't and call them out on it in vent before 1st pull the next raid night (this is not done antagonistically; we often assess our performance like this when one of us feels there's an issue with hwo we're handling a fight). I may even make a competition out of it - "whoever eats the most balls doesn't have to farm for guild consumables for a month" or something.

Should we have to take actions like this? Not for our Mastery! D: however... so long as we're stuck with our Mastery the way it is, the guilds who can make the most out of Mistweaver spheres will have an advantage over guilds who don't bother, in healing-intensive fights.
We suggested that Life Cocoon change all throughout beta, but we never got it. I'm finding the best use of it on tanks immediately prior to raidwide damage to allow me to dump chi on uplifts.

I don't share the other concerns you've mentioned. You should blanket your party/raid with renewing mists constantly.

I'm also concerned about a lack of a raidwide damage reducing cooldown like Barrier, Aura, and SLT. As my guild moves into heroics I'm not sure the pure throughput I offer is going to be eenticing enough.

Would like to disagree with all of the above negative statements about mistweavers...

spinning crane owns in 25 & 10m...
I agree about Chi Burst. I wish it would act like Celestial Orb in D3. A largish circular Chi Orb that would move through all targets until it fizzles at 40 yards.

Random - but I ate at your restaurant in NYC last December. Pretty good. :)

Random - but I ate at your restaurant in NYC last December. Pretty good. :)

I like your name!

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