JC patterns lost during solo questing

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If I am playing solo and a JC pattern rolls on a mob, and I move too quickly (banking on auto loot as always to pick everything up) it will automatically cancel a message box asking me to confirm looting the pattern...AND the pattern will be lost. It happens very fast and this is just a learned interaction with the system for everything else that is looted because it works fine.

Why should I have to confirm I would like to loot a blue quality item while solo?

I can try to deprogram myself from this fast looting and walk away approach, but that somewhat defeats the point of auto loot.
There are several add ons that will stop the message from appearing on BoP items when running solo.
Are you still able to go back to the body to loot again? It shouldn't disappear even though the box goes away.
^ This.

And then you should be able to hit your Auto-loot modifier key (mine's Shift) and proceed.

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