Gnomish Or Goblin Engineering

now that MoP is out, which one seems to have better stuff after 85?
Which is best overall?
They don't do anything, beyond lower level junk.

Look at the pictures of the rocket mount you can make in Engineering.

One is goblin spec, one is Gnome.
That is the only difference in engineering, at level 85, besides the locations of some old (BC era?) port items which you will probably never use now.

Goblin and gnome spec only otherwise come into play for either of the looks of the engineering rocket mount.



The pics of each are in those links. It is the engineering trainer who says which one you need; On mine the goblin one is red, because it says it requires goblin eng to buy the recipe.

Note the item itself does not require either to RIDE, just to MAKE.

I like the look of the goblin one myself, which I could buy from an different engineer on the AH (or even straight up trade I guess, if someone was willing.)


Oh, and the cata era pets you can make. Again, anyone can mem the pets from the item, but Goblin makes personal world destroyer and gnome makes the mechanical rabbit thing.
so thats it?Nothing else thats special at level 90?I guess i might aswell pick up goblin then..I used gnomish on my last character.
whats better if i go pvp wise?
Goblin has more explody things to throw, However bombs have cooldowns and because PVPers like to cry a lot Engineering has major nerfbat injuries in PVP.
Actually, a TON of people LOVE the "lower level junk" and do go back to BC areas quite a bit. It may seem different on the forums, but for those that spend their time PLAYING - we enjoy ALL of World of Warcraft - not just rushing to max level and forgetting about the other 99% of the gameworld.

But hey maybe you are one of the few that have every achievement, killed every regular mob, killed every rare spawn mob on every continent. completed all 9000+ quests from pre-cata and post cat 1-90, all heroics, all raids, etc...

I was thinking of switching to Engineering because of all the FUN things you can create - as well as the useful stuff for max level play.

If any1 has a REAL answer of how to differentiate between the two specializations, we'd love to know. Thanks
Gnome engineering has more "flavor" items then Goblin, however a few are still useful.

The gnomish TBC teleporter is a quick way to get to Outland, but it's closer to Shatrath then the goblin one. Gnomish teleporter for vanilla also sends you to Gadgetzan, which can be convenient.

In cata they added a gnomish anti-gravity can basically spam click it and make your character go higher and higher until it malfunctions (it can be fun to use this, then use goblin glider when you get high enough if you're bored). While it doesn't work in combat and it doesn't work inside, it actually acts as a spare emergency "parachute" if you happen to be falling a long distance, since it resets your fall distance upon usage.

Gnomes also get goggles that let you see every player in their underwear...if that's your thing.

Most of the other stuff has been rendered obsolete as time as gone on, however, due to level increases (net gun, chicken gun, etc).
My dorf was a gobbo engineer most of his life, i just went through the trouble of changing specs and making the the "new" transporters. The location of the gnomish transporters do seem to be in a slightly more convenient location, and the devices are more useful, because most of the goblin explosives are obsolete after lvl 80. I changed because I didn't want a smooshed in bomb looking rocket transport, I wanted the sleeker design. Really though it just comes down to which style of rocket ship you want, that is the most expensive thing you will build so far.
The way I usually look at it. Gnomish for fun and novelty. Goblin for death and destruction.

My gnome is an gnomish engineer, and I love using the World Enlarger (Enlargener?). It makes her super tiny, and I get a kick out of it.

I do like the goblin companion pet though - the world destroyer (aka fel reaver jr).
The differences are so subtle it makes me wonder why the specialty still exists.
Gnomes also get goggles that let you see every player in their underwear...if that's your thing.

^ This helped my decide! LOL
Thanks felhand, this helped me choose.
The Gnomish Gravity Well is one of the funnest items in-game, especially paired with the Goblin Glider
You're doing Gods work.
Thanks Felhand, I came here to find out exactly what you gave me the answer for, that none of the other comments told me.
I'll add my thanks to Felhand and echo Shammanigan's comments - this is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for taking the time to provide the info and the links!

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