Does Blizz employ *anyone* for arena issues?

As a customer, I've been looking for evidence of Blizzard giving the slightest of sh*ts about the state of arena this expansion and coming up with nothing, despite assurances from the company that they were going to be taking a more 'srs bsns' attitude about emphasizing PvP this expansion.

So let's go over some controversial aspects of arena at the moment.

1. No MMR reset. Despite cries from the community, Blizzard in its infinite wisdom (or laziness) decided against an MMR reset, allowing the teams with massively inflated MMRs from previous seasons to once again coast into the upper tiers of the ladder. No explanation to community. Lol.

2. BM Hunters and Warriors. Doubt much else needs to be said here but I'll go through it anyway. The major problem with BM is clearly Stampede. With Beast Within alone it's at least possible to neutralize the pet, but it's still a very potent cooldown that can produce tons of damage. Stampede, on the other hand, produces even more damage with virtually no chance to mitigate. Take Stampede out of arena, gg. As for Warriors, Shockwave and Gag Order need to be mutually exclusive, problem solved as far as I'm concerned.

3. This one's the straw that broke this camel's back - the flat 50% reduction on healing gains from PvP power *without* addressing the issues in point 2 at the same time (which was applied without announcement). I absolutely agree with the 50% reduction - on hybrid healing - it's completely unnecessary on pure healing specs with the burst currently in the game. If something doesn't change pretty quickly, healers in 3s are going to be increasingly irrelevant as double hunter / warrior teams rampage the ladders with unhealable damage.

I know communicating with the player base isn't one of Blizzard's fortes and I have no doubt that this post is going to fall into the echo chamber without response, but I beg you Blizzard - please employ at least one person that knows what the hell he or she is talking about (with respect to arena) and have them, ya know, talk to us.
10/05/2012 12:20 PMPosted by Amathyqt
of course they don't
they have no dedicated pvp team/person, the same people who do the pve stuff get to the pvp stuff when "they can" ie when complaints reach a certain level most likely.
Yeah, this guy
I love caster tears.

Warrior 2012
They don't read the pvp forums.
Proof being the F*** BLIZZARD thread on the bg forums being up for an entire day without being deleted.

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