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If I'm not world first, whatever! The thing is, I've seen so many people try and fail to solo or group for these rares that it's ridiculous.

People standing in Spinning Jade Kick as a raiding guild, failing to kite, or even stun the Pandaren.

People not even trying to dodge Blade Flurry.

Warriors using Shockwave on Torrent, not Rain Dance.

I will tell you the proper means to solo these, from the perspective of a fury warrior. In the order of danger, I present you the following.

Hozen: Hozen have three abilities. Bananarang, Going Bananas, and Toss Filth. The first two are problematic and incredibly lethal. I recommend that if you ARE trying to solo a Hozen, you take it slowly, and cautiously. Going Bananas is random, and can kill you even if you're doing great.

Bananarang is a line attack, where the Hozen throws a spinning banana forwards. Once it reaches an obstacle, it reverses direction and flies a set distance away from you.

Countering Bananarang: Tank the Hozen against a wall, or in a small enclosed space (be sure to get out of the enclosed space after a couple Bananarangs, as Going Bananas is difficult to avoid in a small space). If you can fiddle with positioning(ie standing in a pile of rubble with uneven ground), the Bananarang will spin in place and not move. If you can get it to go to deep water, the same thing will occur. Bananarangs deal a hefty portion of your health in damage, so be careful.

Going Bananas is a channeled ability where the Hozen goes bananas. He'll leap into the air and randomly land somewhere else, about seven or eight times. If you're out of range, he will walk towards you. If he's in a cave with a small ceiling, his jumps will be much shorter.

Countering Going Bananas: This, like all of the rare channeled abilities, can be stopped by stunning it IMMEDIATELY after it is cast. Not during the cast itself, but during the start of the channel. A friend reports Death Grip also cancels Going Bananas. Alternatively, run like hell. I don't recommend that, though, because some Hozen have a lot of mobs nearby (I'm looking at you, Scritch and Bonobos!)

Toss Filth is light damage where the monkey, as monkeys are wont to do, throws poop at you. This is a small damage attack which increases your damage taken by 10%. This ability stacks.

Countering Toss Filth: This ability can be fudged with by taking advantage of the time remaining on the debuff. Assuming there are ten or so seconds left, and he's casting Going Bananas, let the ability run its course and try to avoid it. OR, if he is casting Bananarang, stun him during the cast. He'll immediately recast it and buy you some time.

Hozen to watch out for: Major Nanners is THE most difficult rare to solo simply because a single death means there's no getting back to your corpse, and he hits hard, and he has a lot of life. This is the only rare I recommend bringing help for - at least to rez you in case of a wipe due to the randomness that if Going Bananas.

Scritch is also a threat, simply because he is only found in small little Hozen hovels around the Dooker Dome. What I like to do is fight him in the cave. Bananarangs are easy to avoid, because they die out so quickly in the cave. When he casts Going Bananas, I stun him during the cast, then run outside the hut a bit - not far enough to draw attention, just far enough that I'm free from any immediate leaps.

Next up, surprisingly, are Saurok. Some Saurok come with adds (Omnis Grinlok comes with five of them!)

Saurok: Saurok have four abilities: Grappling Hook, Vanish, Smoked Blade, and Rip Flesh(or something like it.)

Grappling Hook is only used when the target is outside melee range. He will use it to draw you back into melee range. It does moderate damage, but is relatively ignorable, unless you're ranged. Even then, there is a sweet spot where rares won't use their "too far to melee" ability, and will try to close for melee. Take advantage of that!

Countering Grappling Hook: Take advantage of the sweet spot, or be careful with the initial pull. Try to stay close to melee, if you can.

Vanish/Smoked Blade: This is what makes Saurok so devastating to solo. About thirty seconds into the encounter, and about every minute there after, a Saurok will vanish, and run away from you. He'll then try to close for melee and deliver a devastating couple of Smoked blades, which deal 35% of your health, EACH.

Countering Vanish/Smoked Blade: You can do this one of two ways: spam AoE abilities to try to knock him out of Vanish. If he's not stealthed, he can't cast Smoked Blade. Or run like hell. If he can't catch you, he can't hit you with it, and vanish will wear off. Alternatively, try flare, faerie fire, hunter's mark... I'm not sure if they work, but they are an option.

Rip Flesh: This is a stacking debuff that deals a percentage of your health every three seconds. This is also what makes Saurok such an underestimated threat, because if this is allowed to stack, it begins to hurt.

Countering Rip Flesh: Treat this like the Hozen Toss Filth - if you can get it to where the debuff is close to ending, try to avoid being hit. The debuff will fall off.

Saurok to watch out for: Omnis Grinlok is one of the most difficult to solo by lieu of having five adds with him. If you can, kill a couple adds at a time, then drop combat if you need to by running away. During stealth, Saurok will not Grappling Hook. His adds don't respawn, so you can whittle down his work force. It's very easy to get distracted during this fight and let Omnis Smoked Blade you, so be careful.

Mantids: Mantids get third place because their primary damage is entirely avoidable with the proper quickness, but even a moment of lag, or a bit of a mistake can kill you. These are some of the most unforgiving rares of Pandaria.

They have three abilities: Windsong, Tornado, and Blade Flurry.

Windsong is a self buff that increases movement speed, attack speed, and makes them immune to slows. I largely ignore it, however, some classes might want to stun it so it doesn't go off, assuming you're a kiter.

Countering Windsong: I normally let it go, but you may want to stun it.

Tornado: Tornado is an ability that places a small cyclone on your location. There is a grace period where the whirlwind is too small to damage you, but it'll grow big in a couple seconds, after which it becomes a huge threat. They circle lazily through the are they were summoned at, necessitating kiting.

Tornado: Kite. You need to.

Blade Flurry: This is the coup de grace, right here. This WILL kill you if you don't move, fast. It's an AoE cone in front of him that ticks for 35% of your health every .5 seconds. Very lethal. It has a cast time. Lasts about five seconds.

Countering Blade Flurry: Most rares follow a pattern of attacks. Monks have Kick, Heal, Kick, Heal. Hozen have Bananarang, Going Bananas, Bananarang, Bananarang, Going Bananas... Mantids have Blade Flurry, Windsong, Tornado, Blade Flurry. When that tornado is cast, you kite him a bit away from it, then begin strafing around him. He'll eventually cast Blade Flurry at your location, which is hopefully behind you. I recommend letting him cast the entire spell, as once you're out of its cone, it's not a threat and allows for five seconds of uninterrupted damage.

Mantid to watch out for: Nal'lak the Ripper is found flying over the battleground west of Stoneplow. It is very difficult to pull him without adds. This also applies to Torik-Ethis in Krasarang. Getting dazed can be lethal if you can't get out of Blade Flurry on time. The rare in Dread Wastes, Gah'rok, has A LOT of adds near him. I recommend clearing the immediate area quickly.

Coming soon: Pandaren Monks, Mogu Warriors, Jinyu, Yaungol, and Mogu Warlocks!

Various Tips!:
Pandaren rares follow a set pattern of attacks. These are they:

Pandaren Monks: Spinning Jade Kick, Healing Mist, Spinning Jade Kick, Healing Mist. (If you're out of melee range they will spam Chi Burst instead.)

Mogu Warriors: Devastating Arc, Devastating Arc, Summon Quilen, Devastating Arc, Devastating Arc, Summon Quilen.

Mogu Warlocks: Void Cloud, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Bolt, Void Cloud. (They will always cast Shadow Bolt once at the start of the fight.)

Jinyu: Rain Dance, Torrent, Water Bolt, Rain Dance. (They will always cast Water Bolt once at the start of the fight.)

Yaungol: Yaungol Stomp, Bellowing Roar, Yaungol Stomp. (It is likely that you'll be out of melee range for the pull, so he'll cast Rushing Charge first.)

Mantids: Windsong, Tornado, Blade Flurry. (The first ability they use will likely be Blade Flurry, though, before falling into this pattern.)

Hozen: Going Bananas, Bananarang, Bananarang, Going Bananas. (He will likely use Bananarang once before starting this pattern.)

Saurok: They really don't seem to have a pattern to their attacks. If there is one, I'd surmise it's Rip Flesh, Rip Flesh, Vanish/Smoked Blade.

These are NOT set in stone, they are just the likeliest course of action. I've had Pandaren Monks not use Healing Mists at all, for example between two Spinning Jade Kicks.

Various tips!: Every rare has a "big ability". Blade Flurry, Rain Dance, Spinning Jade Kick, Going Bananas, etc. They're programmed to cast it until they cast it. Thus, if one is casting Rain Dance, NEVER stun during the cast. Always stun immediately AFTER the cast, while the rare is channeling the ability. With speed, you can negate any damage the big ability would have dealt.

Various tips!: Be careful with your stuns! I've noticed diminishing returns on some rares, and it's a death sentence to have the Pandaren Monk be immune to your Shockwave while you're in melee range!

Various tips!: When interrupting an ability which isn't one of their "big abilities", don't use a stun. They don't like that, and will try to recast the ability. Instead, use an interrupt. This applies for things like Torrent, Shadow Bolt, Water Bolt, Healing Mists, and spells of that nature.

Various tips!: Be careful with adds! Being dazed could be a death sentence if you're fighting a Mogu Warrior or a Mantid!
My buddy got it on the 1st of october
There goes my pride. But the rest of the post stands.
Sorry to burst it, great tips though!
Thanks! :D
I didn't read any of that.. As a fury warrior with shockwave I've got three stuns pretty readiliy available. charge, charge, shockwave is all you really need to kill the rare mobs.
Absolutely. Storm Bolt helps, too.

There are some tips that you could use, though, like judiciously applying your stuns. Stuns are great abilities, but they're not what you want to use in every situation.

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