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Dear Blizzard

This is plea for you to do something for the player base you have before you lose it. Please level cap the Tol Barad Battle Que. I have not been able to do anything in Tol Barad for over a week now, since every one and I mean every battle that I queue for up is completely unbalanced and completely one sided. I thought that the system was suppose to make it balanced? How can it be balanced when I join the battle group and I am the only one there? I am instantly killed by 7 level 90 horde players. One level 85 verses seven level 90 horde players is completely imbalanced. Please chance the system to make it where people who are 85 through 87 are the only ones that can be in the battle. Even being passed hit cap on my druid I CAN NOT TOUCH a level 90 character. Why should I have to lose out on being able to capture Tol Barad and doing dailies and things that I enjoy just because it is being controlled by level 90’s who are now so bored that they have nothing better to do. I mean I watched these people for the last week. They sit at the bridge and kill people as soon as they join then camp the graveyard by the Iceclad Garrison. The win and then they leave. They do not even bother doing the dailies. They simple join to kill the lower level people who actually want to do things.

TLDR: change tol barad to be only 85 -87 or 85 only to make it balanced for those who are not level 90 or those who do not have the expansion yet or do not plan on getting it due to other issues.

To those of you who read this and think it is going to an open parade for you just jump in and troll, I will promise you this! I will personally report every post that doesn’t offer logical options to make a convincing to change tol barad so that it is useable for those who are not 90 or make suggestions to make the battle available to only level 90’s.
Yes, I pay to play this game and thus entitle me the right to voice my opinion. You may not like it, that is your opinion, but it doesn’t give you the right to be rude or to be a cyber bulling because you do not see or understand my point.
You are welcome to voice your opinion, as are those who have dissenting opinions. However, there are two problems.

One is that you've chosen to violate the Code of Conduct by inserting "masked profanity". Even if YOU typed it that way rather than the forum code changing something you typed, it can be enough to get a post moderated or even deleted. (You can edit your post to remove them, which would be recommended.)

The other is that this forum isn't the place to post a suggestion. Since your suggestion is PvP related, it might be most appropriate to the Battlegrounds forum. If you choose to post over there, try to tone it down from raging to a constructive suggestion. It's understandable to be upset. Being killed repeatedly in PvP is definitely frustrating. But when you want to reach the ears of the Community Managers and Developers who read through the forums to hear the voice of the WOW community, you don't want them to stop at the first few lines because you're ranting - you want them to hear the suggestion and the pros (and possible cons).

EXPECT disagreement. Someone believing other than you do, however, is not trolling. Blizzard prefers to hear DISCUSSION and that means there will be multiple voices with multiple opinions. Many times we have a narrow view from our own experience and discussion provides a much broader view from others' experiences.
I couldn't have said it better myself, thank you Eilethalua.

Hakumei, while your feedback is appreciated this forum is not the best place for it. Those of us who moderate this forum are not Developers nor are we liaisons to them.

I would normally have moved the thread to the appropriate forum, but with the language and style of the post, it would be best if you simply recreated it with a few edits.

You are welcome to report any post that you feel is a violation of our Code of Conduct, and down vote any other post that you feel does not add to the conversation. I highly recommend against preemptively antagonize your fellow posters, that tends to derail the thread and make it about that, and not the subject for discussion.

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