What is the Title of Your Character's Memoir?

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So your character has been around Azeroth for 20+ years now, ridding the world of well, dang near everything and it's time to write a book about your travels.

So what would the title of your character's memoir be? Would it be about a specific facet of your character, a narrative of your whole life story (because it's all fascinating!), or will it just focus on one great adventure?

My character's memoir will be titled "A Life in Feathers: The Trials and Tribulations of the World's Most Fashionable Moonkin."

Edit: When I said 20+ years, I was suggesting that you're looking back 15-ish years from now, not that you've been playing for 20 years already.
"Inside, I'm Vomiting."
"Gravity: A Tale of Pandas and Leaves".
The dark side: why we choose it
"Race Changes: how magically transmogrifying your skin can make you have different Abilities"

"I was a Dwarf Once"

"The Liutenant-General and his fishing pole"

"I Killed Ragnaros, Then killed him again after i thought he was dead"

"Zandalari: A guide to being their most Exalted friend"
A life of crime: one man's tale of larceny, deception, worldwide murder sprees, and species extinctions.
"Ever feel like you're being controlled by someone with a sick sense of humor?"
"Damn, did I pull that?"
How I Roll: memoirs of a Monk.
"A long, long tale."
50 Shades of PUNCH.
"Crossing The Bridge"
10/05/2012 03:28 PMPosted by Punchmaster
50 Shades of PUNCH.

I liked this. A lot.
"That Was So Huntarded: A History Of a Night Elf"
"Yeah, I know I have ice block doesn't mean I remember to use it"
"Table Manners: What to Eat and What NOT to eat at a Tauren Barbeque."

"It's Flamestrike not Rain of Fire: Demon Encounters of the Outlands."

"How to Trinket a Deepfreeze:A tale of surviving WotLK."

"Feel My Molten Fury!: A Guide to the Elemental Plain of Fire."

The last three are a box set.
Every expansion is a year and anduin went from 10 to 14 since vanilla so its been four year actually! But mine is "A guide to the holy light."

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