What is the Title of Your Character's Memoir?

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"A tale of blood and blades"
From leather to mail: The Ajani Story
"I've been living on a giant egg called Azeroth all this time!", A Hippogryph's tale

Haste Buff for Dummies - Discover the joys of Black Coffee
KillerCaitie: How I Took Over Azeroth
The day I started Killing
Or How we're really the Good Guys.
A Warlock's Story.
"I'm seeing red! A fury warriors guide to recklessly hacking and slashing."
"Whats my luckydo? A sock with googley eyes."
Confetti: why being shadow is better
A Waste of My Youth: How to Grow Up Maladjusted.
How to blow up planets: The lazy way!
"Trollin in the deep"
"Around Azeroth in 80 Blinks"

10/05/2012 06:11 PMPosted by Killercaitie
KillerCaitie: How I Took Over Azeroth

You're not the real Caitie, you're far too dressed. :P
"I survived hunter gear, armor penetration and searing totem and so can you"
"Slash and Crash: A Lone Warrior's Triumph."
Kagomi, "Tail of the Mirrored Huntress"
Cherrysong, "Holy Elf, I'm A Priest!"
...Yeah idk.
"Penace Penace Penace Penace Penace"
"How Bubbles Changed My Life"
"Brakk in Black"

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