What is the Title of Your Character's Memoir?

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Collecting Bear Asses and Other Reasons I Left the Alliance.
Where's My Pie
A Life of Mistakes: The Tragic Story of Açe the Mage
Monk - White Tiger, Black Tea: A Journey on the Path of Balance

Mage - Ashes to Ashes: A Young Arcanist Learns the Joys of Fire

Druid - Cat Is 4 Fite: Tales of Alamo's Apprentice
"Hair in the Biscuit"

There's an old Southern saying, an answer to: "Howya doin'?"

"Oh, you know me, hangin' in there like a hair in the biscuit."
"Anything I Can Do They Can Do Better: A shaman's story"
"Walking into Magmaw's Lava"
"Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire"
"How the Death Knight saved Christmas."
"Senjir, Dotting Through Life"


"The Life of a Warlock, Dot, Dot, Dot, Dot, Soul Fire, Drain Soullllll"
(Older Warlocks will remember this ttrick =D)
""This wasn't my body in life but i will take it anyway."
"Sword and Board, the Refinement of Hit Thing With Stick"
This has probably been said already, but: "There and Back Again."
"There's No Shank in This Book!"
"Why haven't I killed all of these tree hating sociopaths: A true love story"
Death Knight: "Insanity: A Comedy"
Shadow Priest: "Emotions get in the way"
"How I pissed of Arthas, and how you can too!"

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