Frost PVP Armors.

This is a question to the Frost Mages. I haven't really read anything yet, so I figured I'd just ask. Are you guys finding yourself still switching from Frost Armor to Mage Armory or mostly sitting Mage armor due to the mastery, or finding it fairly situational?

I've been just playing around with the 7% haste, and it's nice having the slow upon Melee sort of, doesn't really feel like it is as effective against warriors ha!, but it seems like haste really doesn't make -that- much of a difference right now since our main damage is coming from frost bomb.

Anyways, any thoughts or words of encouragement would be appreciated. Always nice to see what other Mages are finding that works best. Thanks.
The armors is actually what made my decision to stack mastery over haste. Frost armor is pretty useless so I'm either in mage armor or molten armor, depending on the comp I'm up against. Running around in bgs or w/e I'm always in mage armor.

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