Thinking about transfer here

I'm from an overcrowded, alliance dominated realm (Stormrage), and I'm not too happy with tons of alliance players everywhere I go. The Horde side is slowly dying, most of the raiding guilds have left the server. My guild just lost some good players as well...

Anyway, I'm wanting to know how the Horde side is on this server. AH, PVE, raiding guilds?
I'm a resto druid who knows his class well. I'm looking for a raiding guild that plans to push through all of the MoP content as it comes out and completes the raids.

I plan to leave Stormrage, nonetheless.

You'll be happy to know that this is a very horde dominated server. AH economy is very good, lots of active horde players, raiding guilds etc. I also transferred from a dying server and am very happy here. Created a lvl 1 orc to explore trade chat and AH on this server before transferring.

Currently am in a small raiding guild looking to raid current content and progress forward. We would be glad to have you on our team if you decide that hyjal is right for you! Feel free to message me in game!

Culture Shock recently made the faction transfer from Alliance to Horde here on the Hyjal server, and we are nothing but pleased. The AH economy is great, there are already MSV pugs being advertised in trade chat, and raid progression for many guild is going great.

We are currently recruiting for our 2nd raid group, and if you are interested feel free to get a hold of me via Battletag. Bere #1120. Good luck with your decision to transfer, and can't wait to hear from you!

Well as you can see hyjal is predominantly horde and a great server full of many options and various schedules for you to raid, pvp and make the monies. My guild transferred about a year so here and we couldn't be happier. Best of luck on your decisions and hope you find something to fit what you're looking for.
Thinking of transferring to Hyjal myself. Tired of getting corpse camped when trying to quest >_>. Glad to see good words about the AH economy and some nice folks responding. :)
My guild transferred here from a dead server at the end of Cata. With the prospect of a fresh start on such a vibrant server, we were even able to convince our guildies who had quit to return to the game. Now that they're back, we will be starting to raid soon. So far we are very happy to be here on Hyjal!

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