Rituals of The New Moon: Off- Hand Item

I looked this item up, but it says it is un-obtainable/not available on Wow head and other wow sites. I just received one today from a friend of mine who does inscriptions. Am i allowed to use it still? Or would i get in trouble in some shape or form?
You wouldn't get in trouble for using it. The "unavailable" flag means that either an item doesn't drop/no longer drops, or the recipe to craft it is no longer in the game. If someone still has the item/recipe, they can still use/make it.
Okay, thank you :)
Wowhead has an error with that item, because the recipe supposedly makes a generic color wolf book, while it actually makes a random one of four different books with specific colors (red/white/black/gray). As a result, the colored ones have no 'source' and are thus not available, and the noncolored one has never been seen in game and is also unavailable.

They're still craftable and gettable, the websites are just wrong.

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