Agility 1H Mace or Axe?

Why isn't there an agility mace or axe with Blacksmithing at ilvl 463? It kind of screws over Enhancement Shamans. I realize there are heroic drops but it seems kind of dumb to have an agility sword that only two classes can use instead of maybe a mace, that three could use.
Yep, this is a huge brain fart on Blizzard's part. They should have made the sword an axe/mace, then all 1h agility classes would have benefited.
This has been kind of a recurring problem really. It happened with the 365 crafted weapons that became available with the Molten Front, it happened with the sword from Valiona/Theralion in BWD, it happened with the trash drop sword from Dragon Soul.

Pretty much, there's a very large amount of agi swords that exist for no particularly good reason, seeing as everyone that wants to use an agi sword could use an axe or a mace or a fist just fine too.
No crafted tank weapon either. I guess they want us to run instances for them.
All is not lost. I just took the opportunity to search for any 1h agi weapons with an iLvl greater than 404 and found Amber Sledge of Klaxxi'vess. You can buy this at revered with Klaxxi.

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