[Balance] What do your key binds look like?

I am looking for an optimal way to key up my keys. I don't have a an issue with resto/feral or many of the other classes I play but for balance you need a totally different set of keys based on what eclipse you are in.

How are your keys set up?
o.o why do you need a different set of keys based on Eclipse?

Mine are:
` - WM
1 - Starsurge
2 - Wrath
3 - Starfire
Q - Sunfire
E - Moonfire
4 - Typhoon
5 - Starfall
6 - Solarbeam
7 - Hurricane

Anything past 7 is irrelevant. All other spells are located on a different bar which don't need to be bound, eg. 3 min cds, rebirth/revive etc. I use OPie and have a ring of shapeshifts bound to mouse thumb button.

1 - Starfire
2- Wrath
3- Moonfire
4- Sunfire
5- Starsurge
6- Starfall
7- Typhoon

Q- Shrooms
Alt Q- Detonate Shrooms
F - Cyclone
T- Hibernate
alt T - Innervate
G - Rejuv
V - Healing Touch
R - Ursog
X - Root
Middle Mouse Button - Nature's Vigil
Z - Incarnation (macro)

Can't remember the rest off the top of my head, hope it helps.
I wish I only had 8 keys. I've been resto pretty much for the past week but I have basically the same key binds. I'm too lazy to worry about the spells (but i'll try). But its basically like this

` = DB, WC
shift + ` = Travel Form (power shift)
1 , 2, 3, 4, 5 (all with cntrl, shift modifiers for keybinds) < these are typically dps/healing spells with some focus macros in the mix

q,e,r,t,c,v,f,z ( all with cntrl, shift, alt modifiers) These are usually my "oh noes" Barkskin, roots, cyclone, ns so forth for example.

S (HA! I have this fully key bound to cntrl, shift and alt, as well as stand alone!) :| Silly back peddles. Trinkets!! As well as engineering goodies.

a,w,d are primarily movement/strafe. I try to not add shift modifiers to these to prevent accidents! We all make them.

I also have mouse keybinds....

Again, sorry at work and I don't really want to take the time to write out every spell. In short, I literally have everything possible bound to something on the left side of the keyboard lol. My poor left hand :(

I actually am not even sure if that answered the question! At this point... I am pressing submit and rolling with it! :|
whats your ventrilo talk key?
Mouse thumb button #2? (it's actually 10 on my naga, but yeah, I use to have it on MB4 or whatever it was on my old mouse)
1: Wrath (+ Shift): Rejuv
2: Starfire (+ Shift): Healing Touch
3: Starsurge (+ Shift): Typhoon
4: Moonfire (+ Shift): Goblin Glider
5: Sunfire
6: Hurricane/Astral Storm
7: Wild Mushrooms
8: ^: Detonate
G: Solar Beam (+ Shift): Macro for Nature's Vigil, Celestial Alignment, etc. (+ Ctrl): Tranq
F: Starfall (+ Shift): Stampeding Roar (+Ctrl): Dash
T: Roots (+ Shift): Cyclone (+ Ctrl): Soothe
E: Nitro Boost (+ Shift): Barkskin (+ Ctrl): Nature's Grasp
Q: Incarnation (+ Shift): Innervate (+ Ctrl): Nature's Swiftness castsequence macro
F1-6 = Forms

I'm at work, so kind of trying to remember where everything is. I'm sure I missed something.
My Heals and Dots are all mouseover macros.
10/06/2012 12:40 AMPosted by Catwomán
whats your ventrilo talk key?

^.~ I'll show you later.

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