Horde hunters

When hit 85~90 I'm gonna faction change my hunter. But I want a race in horde that makes hunters looks cool as human does. Cool animations + a well fittin gear in character.
What's the coolest race for horde hunters?
Orc if you want huge wanky shoulder armor. Undead if you got style. The rest are pretty ugly tbh (even panda).
If you're going purely for aesthetics, go Orc of Blood Elf. Blood Elves generally have extremely well fitting armor and look... well, pretty. Orcs have really broad shoulders, and it really shows well with most shoulders an armor.

Taurens are just... too large.

Goblins are too small.

I love being Undead, I love our new racial. However, armor looks just terrible on us. It looks like it's about to fall off at all times. It looks like I don't even have shoulders.
If you go blood elf, go male. The female's bow animations are ridiculous.
I was assuming he'd keep his gender the same. You're right, though.

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