Silvershard mines bug, what a joke!

Bug Report
So i start the grind of getting the very little honor you offer from BGs, I enter silvershard mines, score is 1599/1499, so i think one of my addons is bugged, so i continue, toggle scoreboard, just to see the battle had been going for 1 and a half days, so i try to leave, nothing, i log out, nothing, i get stuck in this mindless BG for over an hour, untill finally it lets me leave, with the deserter buff mind you!

Nice work, wasted time there, for a total of 47 honor!
Did you submit a bug report either using the in-game tool or the Bug Report Forum?
Indeed i did, but the fact its been going on for a few days now, and nothing has been said/done about it is kinda frustrating! As if the BG ques arent long enough as it is, just to get buffed with deserter due to the game never ending!
I was in the same BG for Silvershard mines twice now...where the score was 1599/1600 to 1499/1600, and it doesn't change. There are a ton of skeletons around since the BG never ends.

Also, join the Horde if you don't like the que times, they are instant ques on our side. ;)
bump, blizzard pls look into this. Very annoying.
yep, been in 2 different bugged silvershards 5 times. Why isnt this fixed yet?
Time elapsed: 1 day, 12 hours in the one I just left. Score was 1599/1599
just got in one on my mage tht was 1599/1465
time elapsed 2 days 13 hours

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