Why am I taking so much damage?

So, I was hoping that the monks in the community might be able to shed some light on this damage-taken situation I seem to have. Here is a link from tonight's attempts on Garajal where I appear to be taking an absurd amount of damage compared to my DK co-tank


Now, all other raid criticism aside, I'd like you to help me out by focusing on my own combat logs from this attempt (attempt 20) and, if you so wish, attempt 18.

Basically, I am taking 25-30% of the total raid damage, whereas my DK co-tank is taking only 10-15%. This COULD be due to boss uptime and tank swaps, but I am not so sure with a discrepancy that large.

Thank you for your help.
I haven't raided yet unfortunately but it just looks like you were in the heat a lot more. Something like holding the boss a lot longer or when he does the most damage/attacks.
With proper equipment quality (high level equipment) as well as proper equipment type with proper stats for brewmaster monk then brewmaster monk can easily hold their enemies

Keep using your defensive abilities to reduce incoming damage such as blackout kick for shuffle to increase parry chance by 20 % and also increase amount of stagger
Brewmaster monk should use guard once you have full stacks of power guard (3 stacks) to increase effectiveness of guard by 15 % (you can build up power guard from using tiger palm which you use tiger palm for more damage (ignore 10 % armor each stacks and have maximum of 3 stacks) which brewmaster should keep this up all time) since you want to make your 2 chi worth using as much as possible

Brewmaster monk can use tiger palm without consuming your chi so it's good to use tiger palm when you cannot use other abilities (not enough energy and not enough chi for other abilities)

Guard also increase self healing on brewmaster not only provide absorption to brewmaster so guard can use to help your own self healing as well such as healing sphere (but regular healing sphere cost energy which you should manage your energy well unless you have passive brewmaster monk healing sphere appear or left) so guard become even more useful if you use guard and also heal yourself

Expel harm also heal yourself and generate chi unlike healing sphere even though expel harm have less amount of healing

And remember to use purifying brew to clear your stagger to prevent further damage
You tanked for a lot more of the fight than he did, so your damage taken will reflect that. Plain and simple. Your shuffle uptime was good, your Guard uptime was good. Elusive brew usage could've been higher, and its possible that you could have used purifying brew more, but that's about it.

EDIT: I can't figure out how to find the percentage of the fight that you were actively tanking, since it doesn't show how long the other tank had Voodoo Doll, but you tanked over 60% of the fight, maybe closer to 70%.
Thanks for the posts.

As you can see, my Shuffle and Powerguard uptime were at 95% (really cant get much higher than that). About my Elusive Brew, I had an 81% uptime which seems quite high. It actually WOULD have been higher if I was tanking full time because during the time in the Spirit Realm and when my co-tank had aggro, I just sat at 15 stacks so as save the buff for when I was tanking.

I agree, Purifying Brew could have been used more. My usage was good, but there is room for improvement there.

You mention boss uptime, which I suspected might be the reason as well. Next week I will have my co-tank initiate the fight and collect data that way as well. I am still concerned that by comparison to a DK, Monk mitigation might need to be improved upon. Here is to hoping for a buff from Blizzard

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