Herbalism bug ???

Bug Report
Wife has made a new character and taken herbalism, no where in her track abilities does it show find herbs. When training Find Herbs was not shown as being learned...any knowledge on this??
Was able to reproduce it myself, made a monk horde and was unable to train Find Herbs at any profession trainer. Made a mage but he was uneffected. May posibly be a monk only bug. Ticket/Bug report has been put forward
I am experiencing this as well, just made a Druid, Night Elf level 1, picked up Herbalism but did not get the Track Herbs spell. I was able to pick up Mining and Track Minerals working just fine.
I just experienced this last night. Made a new human rogue herb gatherer, and did not get the Find Herb ability. Untrained and relearned Herbalism, still no ability. Halp!
Thank you, Mavra: my alt was experiencing the same problem as above posters.

What was the explanation for changing the game such that "Find Herbs" requires Level 3, while "Find Minerals" still only requires Level 1? I know that most characters "should" at least be level 5 by the time they reach the profession trainers if questing, but it seems odd for the discrepancy between Herbalism and Mining.

Apologies for necroing.

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