Warrior/hunter killed me in charge stun

Dude I know my gear is bad, but if I'm dead in 1.5 seconds I don't think reducing damage by another 20% or so is going to allow me to have a chance to live when my healer has another 6.5 in an instant CC.

I knew this was going to be the most broken season of all time 4 months ago. Which is why I haven't really done anything with this toon after capping him.

I think resilience needs to be buffed by about 30%. And PVP power needs to be taken away from healing so hybrids can't heal people from 0 to 100% in 3 seconds.

People would both die slower and heal slower, slowing down the pace of the game. Right now its just run out, instant CC, pop everything and win. 3s is all triple DPS scumbags like


so dumb
Hybrids speced to dps shouldn't get the pvp power to heals. Warriors shouldn't be able to pop everything at once and hunters should be removed from the game. Resil should be buffed since the damage will outscale resil especially with more and more gear with higher pvp power.
They are just guessing and checking with PVP now they don' even test this crap out mathematically like they do with PVE. At first people were dying in 6 sec on beta so they buffed resil, then nobody was ever dying. Now they nerffed it again. Now I guess they will buff it again.

IMO there is sooooooooo many changes that need to be made to so many classes that this season will not be balanced whatsoever. Its just like every expansion, only the last 2 seasons are remotely playable
The season itself is very balanced IMO Aside from hybrid healing, possibly mage damage with cds in deep however it is avoidable with correct play , warrior damage with everything popped, ,and BM hunters. Everything else seems to be balanced. The classes that have near 100% uptime and dealing unhealable burst should be looked at "warriors and hunters".

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