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Ok I have tried to report this via the ingame customer support and of course there is a 4 day wait period.

Was just in a lvl 10-14 WSG where 3 of thier team where in our base before the gates even opened. This wasn't the first time either these 3 have been doing it all night.

They 3 capped in less then 20 seconds. where and how the hell am I supposed to report this kinda thing?

I am sick and tired of this. There seems to be no way to report this and the others with me had been in the same ones before. Do you have any idea how frustrating this is?
Make sure you put in the ticket that you couldn't target the hackers to use the right-click feature. Otherwise the report won't be accepted.
Really so if I can't right click them we just have to deal with it?
Pretty much.

People were doing /who and reporting everyone they saw in a paticular zone. Which was wasting GM's time on fasle reports.
OK thank you

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