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How can I get my Main's name into the pull-down list so that I can post under her name? All it shows is Balm (and actualy I have several other alts, but I'd like my Main mostly). I put this question under Customer Service but nobody has answered. A bunch of people are waiting right now to see a post I said I'd put up, and now I have get tht toon plugged in... help!?
There is a V (down arrow) by your name...

under that is...

"Manage Characters"

Click that...

You should have a charater list...

Click the one you want...

It changes...
I don't understand the question. Are you saying that your main character isn't appearing in the drop-down menu? If it just isn't there then I don't know what to say.

Either the toon is too new to have appeared on the list, and you'll have to wait awhile before it does, or you're not clicking on the "Manage Characters" button at the bottom of the menu.
's ok, Au, Trayan got this one!

Thnx, Trayanise!
Dang, this is driving me nuts. Okay there ARE no other names in the pull-down arrow next to Balm. I cannot Find such a spot as "Manage Characters", and why the heck did this website's designer pick some barely visible 20-year-old-eagle-sharp-eyes to use Brown-on-Black in a teeny tiny font??

oh i just re-read that and it's ungrammatical or whatever, but you prolly get my drift.....

Sheesh. Second, I got banned a long while ago (for four days....) and I think it was under my Main's name. Could that have something to do with it?

crap.. everybody who was going to look at my comment is logging off soon.... :(
Ohhh this is so depressing. what a good idea gone awry. it's way past now, with most people gone now
the first reply to this topic answers your question...
No it does not. Not that it wasnt a well-intended response, I know that. but.. do you think I'm stupid? -- I'm saying there IS NOTHING when I touch tht arrow. It says BALM upper right screen and there is a gold chevron (down arrow) next to it. Nothing shows, nothing happens, when I click on that.
i had a similar problem where i couldn't click the arrows but once i started using the mobile armory on my ipod touch to check my auctions on my alt the forum arrow on my computer suddenly started to be clickable again.

not sure if that is just a sheer coincidence but after about 4 months of being unable to manage characters it fixed for me. May be something to try for you if you have a device that can add the mobile app
Is that some sort of thing like "type ALT-F4"? anyway, this doesn't matter now. I'd made a suggestion abt something and there was a big discussion in Trade chat. I said I was going out to the forums to put up the suggestion and that all the people who agreed should add their voices to it. But none of them would have looked for or known who "Balm" is. They all know me by my real my main toon. It doesn't matter. That ws about 45-60 minutes ago, and people have moved on.
Thanks, Lurus
I think I did, Downlo. I signed in with the same email address and the same password as when I play the game or as when I make a realm transfer or name change or anything like. My real name (my real first name) is at the very top center of this screen (gray on black, geez, let's have the most hard to discern color combos possible). Well, I dunno, I shd maybe just call technical services.

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