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Ok, I know I am opening myself up to all sorts of comments for saying this but here it goes. After the umpteenth dungeon in which I watch 3 monks in the party basically spend every moment of the dungeon either doing a spinning kick (sorry have not played a monk so dont know the name) that seemed to both heal and attack or stop for a second to drink before spinning the rest of the dungeon away... I really gotta ask if something didn't botch it big time and make something too simple and too powerful. To all you that love the monk, I am sorry but it really looks like you have been reduced to the original days of atari when all you needed was a joystick and one button.

Before you bash me, I am only stating what I see in gameplay. Monks so powerful that even the healer is running up into the middle of the melee and joining in on the ballet of spinning kicks. Is the Monk too powerful or is it the combination of the monk and other braindead ideas like BOA that are ruining it?

Whatever happened to balance and having a reason to have more than one class in the group? Is Blizzard wanting to dumb down Warcraft to the level of some Disney online game?
Monk AoE is extremely simple, just as you put it. Monk Single target, is also pretty simple but no more simplistic than the majority of other classes/specs.

The healer wont do the same damage as the dps, but they actually do a huge amount of healing doing that attack.

Also, it's called "Spinning Crane Kick"
I can guarantee you it is not like that at max level. Your bracket of 75 is soooooo easy.
Level 75 so....yeah.

WotLK dungeons were a steamroll back when they were new. If you see the same thing when you hit 90, then yes, you can complain that there might be an actual problem.
Ty Fist,

Maybe it is all just the visual of it for me. I am really not wanting to bash it, more understand it. At times it just feels like, "Sheeesh, why did I take the time to make anything other than a Monk?".

Its funny really, and yes I am going to date myself saying this.. all the way back to tabletop RPG's it seems I have seen Monks come into playing systems and the inventors always made them super powerful at first.. then had to deal with the game problems they caused. I guess that conditioned me so that when someone says "Monk", I hear "Bad for game balance"

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