[A] ilvl 463 Prot Warrior LF Raiding Guild

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I'm looking for a raiding guild that has a need of a tank. Currently ilvl 463. An EST guild is preferable. I'd also prefer a raiding guild made up of mature members.

Alliance guilds only.

Hey liquid,

My team is a 10 man that raids 8-12 est tuesday and wednesday.

We went 3/6 the first two days, and just ran out of time to kill the 4th boss.

if you are interested in a hardcore raiding team on a more relaxed schedule, hit my realid up at erondisheals@gmail.com or battletag at erondis#1924
Thanks for the response. I'd take you up on it but don't want to move to an RP server (I don't RP).
Can you do 25s? We are EST. The prot warr we recruited originally for the spot hit 90 3 days after the first raid and hasn't geared at all. = / If we get 6/16 over the weekend we need someone to help us move into heroics.

Giving this a bump. Hit ilvl 463 just now.

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