So I need 11.1 GB to play?

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On my Windows Laptop I only needed a bit of data to start playing and the rest of the data will load while Im playing but why do I now need 11.1 GB to start playing?
The Mac and Windows clients require the exact same amount of base data to be downloaded before the Play button lights up on the launcher, with the exception of the OS X specific MPQ files, which will add a bit (but not that much) to your download requirement. All data files other than the OS X MPQs are platform agnostic, and the only differences are the client apps themselves (the executable files).

Also, it is highly advised not to play while the game is downloading in the background. There have been more than a few instances where data was corrupted when playing like that, and it usually causes more problems than you might imagine it could.

Play it safe and just let it get what it needs before playing. And make sure to make a backup of the fresh install - the installer no longer downloads separate installer files, but actual game data files instead, meaning it does a direct "download -> install". Fail to do the backup of the new (completed) install means if you ever have to reinstall, you get to download the whole shebang again.

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