Farming macro?

UI and Macro
Hello, iam very new to macros and really don't know a whole lot about them. I was hoping someone on here could tell me and help me with this macro if it is possible thanks.
1)target untilled soil
2)till the soil
3)target the tilled soil
4)plant a seed in tilled soil
Thanks in advanced :P
I'm not sure if "interact with target" can be macroed anymore. You could bind it to a key though, then just target the untilled soil, hit the interact keybind, target the new soil, then use a seed.

And for seeds, you'll need to choose a specific type, you can't just do /use Seed.
I know about the seeds one but how could i keybind interact with target? beacuse then could i add to the macro hit the keybound button and it would work?
Just open your keybinding menu and find Interact with Target and Interact with Mouseover and assign keys to them. They're actually listed.

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