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Okay Audrey isn't giving me a second quest, got sent to her from Donalaar, and after finishing her intro to pet training i was never given another quest. What up with this?
I also never received the battle master quest. The last quest I finished was to raise a pet to level 3. From what I've read on various sites, a quest should be available after raising a pet to level 3. Is this still the case?

I've visited several pet trainers and no quests are available. I have two pets at level 15 already and several more over level 10. I put in a ticket and was told to go to wowhead, which is actually where I first learned about the quest line. So is this quest all bugged or is there some requirement that isn't met?
I'm also having the same issue as the OP and Didge. I started in SW and got the quest completed to raise a pet to level 3. Now I can't pick up the quest to start battling the NPC pet trainers of the world. Also checked on the Horde side, and the starter quest to battle NPC trainers isn't available to me there either. And I got the same "cookie cutter" response from a GM when I submitted a ticket to check wowhead or wowwiki. Why isn't this being fixed, and why aren't the GM's at least giving us some kind of usefull answer?
Does anyone have any suggestions? Obviously this isn't an isolated issue...
I have never gotten a daily, period. I got to stranglethorn vale, this was on one character my mage. I never did battle the master there. I abandoned it in the hopes that I could pick up the quests again on this toon since it's my main. I wanted to have the rewards on her instead. Now, I get nothing no matter which server or toon I go on.
Finished "Taming Eastern Kingdoms" achievement today, but don't have any pet dailies showing up. Tried reloading, no help.
It means U Lost the quest in your log u have to go back to the last tamer u defeated to reattain the quest chain, i was having the same issue, i went back to the last tamer i beat and she had a "!" above her head :D problem solved.
The quest chain is broken for me too, I am unable to do npc battles and get rewards. When I talk to npc I get a blank page.
One of the advantages of not doing these quests, plenty of time for rares hunting. Rare Minfernal and nexus whelpling in the same day, woot.
i had the same problem hope they fix it soon. not getting the quest to go talk to Julia in Elwynn for a battle. sucks
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i had the same problem hope they fix it soon. not getting the quest to go talk to Julia in Elwynn for a battle. sucks

Same for me i have put in 3 tickets and they all tell me that i just have to talk to audrey hepburn but i go to her and she doesnt offer me any quest at all and i cant seem to find any answers
Seeing the same issue on another account, separate from my own.

On my account, basically went on a quest line through Gold Shire and surrounding maps. On the account with the problem, the quests flat-lined... stopped in SW.

So, it's like Rho said, "can't find squat...".

It's as if a piece of the quest line is missing... even from the quest log; preventing abandoning quest.

QUESTION IS: What piece is missing/broken in the quest line? Followed by - how can someone fix it?

Thanks for the help and happy hunting,

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Not getting any quests at all beyond the initial learn how to et battle quests is exactly what I am suffering from as well.
Not getting any quests at all beyond the initial learn how to et battle quests is exactly what I am suffering from as well.

I have this same problem.
Do you need MoP in order to get the quest line? I don't have it or Cata yet.
I did the initial Audrey Quests, then it went dead. I put in a ticket which has been "answered" 4 times so far, but each time they answer a problem I don't have, they simply aren't reading what the previous person said, or what I said originally, it is incredibly frustrating. I have a feeling they are all permanently stoned at Blizzard at the moment. The last post he even said he couldn't help as it is considered "giving hints", and yet the previous answers said they could see the quest when they logged into my account but as I couldn't I must have an interface problem. In the end I completely removed and reinstalled WoW but I still can't see it.
How can it be a hint if the thing is obviously busted. He pointed me here and Wowhead etc where all I find is people with the exact same problem but no fix.
They are doing my nut in with the irrelevant answers they are giving me.
I got the original 4 quests but then never got the follow-up.

1. Learning the Ropes
2. On The Mend
3. Level Up!
4. Got one!

All complete.

Audrey Burnhep won't talk to me. Marcus Jensen won't talk to me. Grady Bannson won't talk to me.

Even going on a Horde alt, the Horde Pet Trainer won't talk to me.

I never got the Quest: Julia, The Pet Tamer, so I never was able to battle the pet-tamers.
Having the same problem with Audrey not giving the pet tamer quest. I raised my pet to level 3 and everything but there is no other option to battle Julia. Reinstalled WoW and i still do not see the quest. As this is not just an isolated incident, I hope Bliz has a solution for this soon.
Same problem here. Made it up to the point where I'm sent to Varzok, but he has no quests for me.
You have to own mop to get the tamer quest.

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