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I also cannot get the Pet Tamer quest. Audrey Burnhep in SW gave me the previous quest(s), and I now have several pets levelled above level 3, but now neither she nor Grady Bannson in Kharanos have enything to say to me.
Do you need MoP installed in order to do this quest?
I too have had this problem, the quest I am needing is Julia, the pet tamer. As far as I am aware I have done all the quests leading upto this one.

After looking around on the forums and just general googling all I've found is "Submit an ingame ticket" which I have just done but I thought I'd check here to see if others have found a solution.

Other details: I've deleted WTF, Cache and Interface with no results. I tried the heal and relog with no luck. I do not have MoP.

Edit: Just spoke with a GM and they told me I had to have MoP to do these quests. Not what I wanted to hear but figured others would like to know.
The GM's need to get their stories straight: some are claiming that MoP has nothing do with this, others swear that you need MoP. Blizz, this is a 6 mo. old issue. Really? Get it in gear guys. Sad sad sad.

My situation:
I received the initial Audrey Burnhep quests through to "Got One!" Then, nothing more. Quest line just ceased.

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