Dath'Remar Blizzard Mentor Horde aka Zenith

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Who We Are

Zenith is a veteran guild, raiding since Vanilla and focuses on many aspects of the game. Blizzard has acknowledged the uniqueness of Zenith and appointed us as part of the guild mentoring program.
We have members from all over Australia as well as NZ, the US and parts of Asia.

Our raiding is focused on casual progression. We take our raiding time seriously and expect raiders to be fully raid ready (gems, enchants, consumables etc) and know fights but we also understand that RL>WOW. As such our teams tend to have a core group of raiders with a few casual raiders that we rotate through so people get to learn fights, improve their characters but also get a break.
We run multiple 10 man raid teams. We have teams that raid on server time (+10GMT) as well as WA time (+8GMT).

Levelling and socialising
Not ready to raid? As part of the guild mentoring program we accept new players who are levelling characters. We expect you to apply to Zenith as a social member and agree to and abide by the guild rules. We offer a great leveling environment as a maximum level guild, fun, friendly and knowledgeable guild mates, random leveling activities and organized events as well as an officer dedicated to new recruits.
Once you hit maximum level you can continue as a social member or we will assist you in becoming raid ready and you can join one of our raiding teams.

So what are you waiting for? Apply now.
Visit zenith.wowstead.com & Click Apply

We're looking forward to having you as productive guildies

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