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Moon Guard
Pale yellow flyers with hand inked floral boarders are spread around Horde capitals. Most are pinned to notice boards, but a few lay trampled on the ground or drifting through the wind.

Hello to whoever is reading this! (Maybe it's whomever, not quite sure, perhaps someone should tell me. Then I'd have to remake all these flyers, so perhaps you shouldn't.)

Nestled in the outskirts of Eversong Woods there is a lovely little place. It's just outside of Sunstrider Isle, there's two carts in front of a little plaza/gazebo (I'm not quite sure what to call it.) There's also a few benches and chairs outside.

Well, inside this place you can acquire delicious teas, healing balms, fragrances, candles or scheduled an aromatherapy session.

If you have time you really should visit it! Thank you for reading this!

Sincerly and thank you again, Elsa Snowlily.


Elsa's Haven is a small RP hot spot. It won't be open all the time, since I'm not online all the time and I cannot RP all the time.

It mostly serves as a place to talk about and test aromas. Tea is only a small part of the atmosphere, as we have Mu'sha's Flora Horde side (Yay!) Since teas have strong scents as well, it only seemed right to include tea.

I OOCly enjoy fragrances (soaps, perfume, air fresheners, etc.) so I decided to make this place.

Below are some of the fragrances/items Elsa's Haven sells. Everything is strictly RP and doesn't exist in-game, I apologize. I dislike GHI so there will be no GHI items either, unless someone desires to make some! Since the items don't exist in-game there will be no need to pay for them with in-game currency. (I will deny all gold attempted to be given.)

Morning Rose: A sweet, delicate scent. It's created with fresh rose petals, strawberries, a hint of lemon and a dash of vanilla. This scent will leave you feeling young and free, and ready to smile away.

Daring Dusk: If mysterious and flirty is your personality, Daring Dusk is sure to entice you, and others. Dark tones of blackberries, raspberries, passion fruit and sage will be sure to leave your scent long after you leave.


Bashful Breeze: Made with only the best sandalwood, coconuts, oranges and special leaves, this fragrance will be perfect for nice guys. It's light and faint, never enough to overpower or intimidate.

Ferocity: Those who like being large and in charge will adore this aroma. Strong scents like pine and fir, mixed with juniper berries are great to show others whose leading the crowd.


Here at Elsa's Haven we have a wide variety of candles! We range from light scents to strong aromas. Ask Elsa for a few suggestions.

Notable Candles: vanilla, forest rustle, fresh rain, cupcakes, sunshine, moonlight, picnic and chocolate.
Extras can go here, though there probably won't be any.

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