Should rogues be allowed to tank?

I was doing a dungeon one time when we suddenly lost our tank. We requeued for a new one and since the boss was nearby, we decided to go ahead and see how far we could get with just the four of us and no tank.

I expected us to wipe. Instead, I tanked that boss and brought him down, though it did take a long time.

Shouldn't all melee fighters, including Shaman, be allowed by game mechanics to tank? Shaman have shields and leather armor and Monks can tank even though they wear leather armor and do not have shields. It seems unfair for combat rogues not to be able to tank!
I don't think they should. PvE is a joke now anyway, so maybe...
I've subbed in to tank numerous partial low-level instances and bosses on another rogue toon. Fun. I can see in our current toolset the potential for Combat being reworked into a tank spec. It would certainly make the spec live up to its "swashbuckler" description more so than it currently does in PvE. I'm not so much a swashbuckler as just another guy that shoves pointy things into unprotected backs.

It would be fun, I think, and could make for a very active tanking style. That said, I don't see it as necessary. Were it to happen with the next expac, that would be keen.
The problem is... tanks are meant to protect their allies.

That does not fit the rogue archtype.
Try tanking at 90, you'll get 2 shot.
from what I have been hearing, if rogues could tank we would have at least one viable spec.
We could do it in Vanilla and BC. I originally chose NE for the extra dodge because this was the path I wanted for my Rogue. You used to be able to get to a 55% passive dodge 50% more with evasion which was on prep, ghostly strike was amazing even back when it actually damaged you with another 15% dodge for 7 seconds.

But those as well as many other dodge/ tanky talents were removed from the game in the last couple expansions. Dodge gain from agility has been lowered, dodge mechanic itself changed, so many changes to prevent us from ever going back. I had high hopes when they said the pokemon farmville expac would maybe bring back old talents as part of the Rogue rework but alas, a complete removal of anything dodge related except maybe evasion being back on prep... too bad we can't really take it.

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