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I was thinking about races like Dwarves and Trolls receiving new classes. Here's what should be the new class combinations.

Dwarf Druids, we already seen some Wildhammer dwarves being druids so why not make Alliance dwarfs be one. Make it this way that the Wildhammer dwarves joined the Alliance and have passed down their druidic teachings to other dwarves. Just like the night elves did with the worgens (idk I'm not an expert on lore).

Troll Paladins, if a voodoo-shufflin, Jamacian hunchback with elephant tusks can be druids, then they certainly could be Paladins. Even the Tauren are paladins, why not make the trolls a paladin? Lore reason: They started to believe in the light or the Taurens started to teach them, or whatever.

Worgen and Goblin monks: I see no problem with these guys being monks, since ten-foot cowmen, space goats, a green barbaric buffoon, a bag of rotten flesh, and a two year old with a mustache could be monks.

Well that's my new class combination suggestions, what's yours?


Panda druids, meh they're furries, and all furries can be druids so why them. Plus they're already good friends with the night elves in the past. And what's more awesome then a bear... turning into a bear.
Druid pandaren > Druid dwarf.
I honestly don't think dwarves and trolls should get druids and paladins simply because I don't think any race should have access to every class.

I'm all for gnome hunters, draenei rogues, or undead paladins, though.

Especially if gnomes get a racial skill to ride their combat pets in battle.
10/06/2012 06:44 PMPosted by Cherrysong
Druid pandaren > Druid dwarf.

Adding that to the list right now

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