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Death Knight
Hey so I have decided to play Unholy and disregard frost being the slight bit ahead, from what I've seen in raids I'm still ahead of our frost dk and I'm parsing very high on WoL. Basically what I want to get rolling here is stat priority. I know everyone is saying Haste > Crit > Mastery. But with Soul Reaper added in I decided to try Haste > Mastery > Crit. I am pulling higher numbers, that execute phase is nuts, with SR become my 2nd or 3rd highest dmg ability. I was just wondering if any other serious UH dks have been playing around with this and what you have discovered.
Nothing to add just wanted to make sure this stays on the front page
More people see it more I can figure out by reading it lol
What kind of numbers were you both pulling, Funk? Would you mind sharing the logs with me, I'm trying to gauge where I should be at in terms of DPS etc.
I want Gary to be free. Or less retarded.

That's all.
I want Gary to be free. Or less retarded.

That's all.
Hey sorry, haven't been on for a day. Here is some logs from our Feng kill I parsed 4th on.


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