Consider your combo... broken.

Yes, Killer Instinct.

AND on time.
I support this thread.
I have more posts. It is official. I win.
I am okay with Clutche getting a post.
Arri got it.
10/06/2012 09:03 PMPosted by Goodolejr
Arri got it.

Nope, he posted about 15 seconds too early. He even admitted it. And I watched.

I watched.
lol mk
10/06/2012 09:04 PMPosted by Clutche
I watched.

sounds kinky.
Hey at least it was an hour early blunder due to forgetting it was daylight savings in australia now >_>.
Looks like ill be playing arms till i get tier gear. also side note i just got into a 4/6 guild that seems top on this server. i have no idea what im doing.
Yea lol
Just killed the darkmoon rabbit.

It's more like watching a rabbit on speed, fast forwarded 16x.
My boss apparently just bought SC2.

Which means I get to play tonight apparently.
My friend's birthday party ran late, left at 5 and just got home.

I'm okay with this.
Refusing to pay 1k gold for metas.

I'm protesting.
I want to level my Warrior and play him instead but those REPS.
I love rushing through 5 mans on my Brewmaster in training. So much movement, but it pisses me off that we don't have Flying Serpent Kick as a Tank and get the wee old lackluster Clash. Bah.
Well Will is pretty fun to tank. DODGING ALL THE THINGS.

We'll get 'em down Monday. Be nice to full clear the place and get a leg up on almost every other guild on Cho'gall. No other guild so far has killed Elegon which makes me happy (Exodus aside of course, but, uh, that's Exodus).
Have a week to get an Ace and a Six. This whole making a deck thing is exciting, considering the last one I actually busted my !@# to make was the Maelstrom deck way back at 60. C'mon Gilneas. Buy my PVP gear just a little bit longer.

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