How are people healing their pets in pvp?

Pet Battles
One thing that is kinda frustrating me and of course no one answers in game....I notice in PVP pet battles players are sometimes healing their pets?

How are they doing this? I have the bandages that heal pets, but I don't see how to access them when in a battle because the pet battle ui obscures my action bar.

So right now I feel like I'm losing some battles purely because other players know how to heal their pets and I don't.
Do you remember which pets were being healed?

Many pets have healing abilities, such as "Repair" for Mechanical pets, which can often fully restore a pet's health at the cost of being unable to move for a couple of turns.

There is no way to heal a pet (during battle) using bandages or the Revive Battle Pets skill, (that I am aware of).
Some pets have healing abilities, end of confusion :D
Unless there is a big glitch I am unaware of the only way to heal your pets during battle is by using a healing move like tranquility or healing flame to name a couple of them.
10/06/2012 09:49 PMPosted by Demiano
Some pets have healing abilities, end of confusion :D

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