kicked from group so im a deserter?

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So i qued up for LFD and when it popped i accepted and got up to urinate. By the time i got back to my computer (less then 2 min later) i am standing back in org, see about a log and a half of "OMG GO!!!" posts (typical) and now i have a deserter debuff?!?! what is this crap? since when can you get kicked IMMEDIATLY after joining a dungeon for 1. and 2 why do i get a deserter buff for being kicked!?!
Does anyone know why that happened? is it a glitch or "Working as intended"
Well you queued as tank I'm assuming, based on your ms (or a healer based on your os). You are a pretty important part of the group, so while you were urinating for awhile and not giving an eta, you were kicked. They cant really do much w/o you, considering you're not dps.

I dunno, maybe next time pee first =P

And ya you will get the debuff if you are kicked or leave before the first boss is dead.
Tank queues are instant, why wouldn't you just pee before queueing?
a short time spent in dungeon before leaving was - if you leave a dungeon at any time before being in it for 15mins, you will receive the deserter debuff, which is the same amount of time you have to wait before queuing up for another LFD dungeon

IE: you queue for LFD dungeon and get placed in one that only has the last boss left to kill - it takes only 5mins to kill the boss and when you leave you immediately try to re-queue for another but you are told by the LFD panel : you have recently queued for an LFD dungeon - you can not queue for another for "xx" mins (XX = 1-15mins depending on how long its been since you queued for the last LFD dungeon)

this same time limit is placed on the deserter debuff - any player who leaves/is kicked out of an LFD dungeon that was placed there by the LFD tool in less then 15mins of joining an LFD dungeon receives the deserter debuff, which lasts 30mins from the time you leave/are kicked out of the LFD dungeon

I have even logged out without leaving the LFD dungeon and come back online the next day to see my toon has the deserter debuff as well as it sitting at 30mins... not sure why that happens yet, but my theory is i was votekicked out and the timer did not countdown while i was offline...

blizzard does not want players to spam join LFD queues - players who leave/get removed from LFD groups before 15mins have gone by are prevented from spaming the queue - the time limit is also to try to encourage players to "work" with the group FIRST (might as well since you have 15mins before you can queue up for a new group) instead of resorting to leaving/being kicked from the group FIRST (if you could queue up for a new group at anytime, this IS what would happen)
You get an instant q, so you should have went afk before you decided to q. Doing an instant q then going afk is a %**%@#*% move, straight up.
That's working as intended. I'd have voted to kick you, regardless of role. AFK is AFK. It's a different story if you say
/p Hey, gotta take a piss real quick. BRB
If I see that on a healer, I tank slow. If I see that on a tank, I tell a DPS monk to tank for a minute and I'll heal. Either way, it's way more acceptable than you queueing and just goin AFK because you have piss poor planning. See what I did there? Uh-hyuk.
You receive deserter for being kicked to discourage being kicked.

You were kicked for holding up a group for a "significant" amount of time, as 2 minutes is over 10% of a run's time in the current environment, as a tank or healer, this is not acceptable in randoms.
Assuming this isn't a troll. You went AFK and are upset because you got flagged for going AFK. Let it sink in.
Being kicked for being afk for a couple of minutes may seem harsh, but you have to be considerate of other people's time. Do real life stuff before you enter a dungeon/scenario.
He said he accepted then got up to urinate. A little warning to the group like "hold on one second, please, I have to pee" would have let them know. When you enter and you're just standing there, I would be upset and kick too.
I'm guessing you were peeing and afk'ing long enough to be flagged AFK at which point the tool let them kick you. As has been noted, going afk immediately after queuing and joining the dungeon is a (insert expletive here) move.
If you are flagged AFK the system works differently, so yeah =/
I'll never understand why people have such a hard time understanding that a little communication will prevent something like this 99% of the time.

Example: Queue for a level 83 dungeon on my monk. The tank has a shaman following him around doing nothing. It's from the same server so he likely knows something. I ask "why is the shaman not doing anything" - no response. I ask again - no response. Start a vote to kick, it passes - he replies "thanks for kicking a**holes" then proceeds to try and pull mobs, leave and wipe us which failed. Honestly, I would have been fine with his shaman doing nothing, but the fact that he couldn't let us know that it was "with him" was just frustrating. Like, are you trying to be sneaky and hope we don't notice or are you just trying to be as efficient as possible with your leveling?

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