This is not a QQ thread,Blizz is this a joke?

I am speechless and have nothing to say but what the hell is this? Well it seems nowadays you don't need skill to win in arena or rbgs anymore. Just be in an op comp and you are done, GG.

Is this video real? what have you done blizzard? really? compare rogues to hunters now and if you do not see the difference then I can't help but to believe either: 1- You are not accurate enough when designing classes and stats OR 2- That you intentionally make some classes op for whatever reason you guys have in mind...

Can a blue respond to this thread please and bring me out of my ignorance by shedding light on the reasons behind this mess?

And for those who might take a look at my rating, all I can say is that I moved from EU servers to US and there was not and still is not an option to xffer toons from another region and xffering is possible only between servers within a region. I am an experienced Spriest and Rogue, and though Spriests are in a good shape at this time, but again can be destroyed in no time by a warrior or hunter who does not even know what he is doing ^^...

And don't even begin talking about rogues now...

"This is not a QQ thread" ... "/QQ"
And stop addressing Blizz directly.
Oh I see Fanboys here! I love fanboys but I do not care what Fanboys say to be honest. lift moar please ok Fanboys? Did I repeat Fanboys enough?


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