Experienced ilvl 466 hunter LF raiding guild.

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
I'm looking for a serious raiding guild on any oceanic realm. I am available all standard raid nights from 6:30 - 11:30. Have been raiding since Ulduar and achieved top 20 logs in tier 11.
Any questions or offers please post here. Would prefer to stay Alliance but not too fussed.
Currently messaging you in game as we speak.
We're recruiting an exceptional hunter, raids aren't exactly at the "standard" raid times but we raid 2pm - 5.30pm AEST Sat/Sun. 8/8H in DS25, currently 4/16 in MV but we do not officially resume 25s until the 13th of october. If you're interested you can apply via our website @ Burn-Phase.com or chat to me via real id (the-dark-alliance@hotmail.com or Alemenara#1239).

Sorry I work full time and can only make the times I listed.
Any chance you'd want to raid weekend mornings?
Hi there

Daisy Pickers on Barthilas (Alliance) are currently looking for a raid ready Hunter to join our 10man asap.

Current progression 2/6 MV.

We raid Mon+Wed+Sun 7-11pm SVT. (Sometimes start earlier on a Sunday- with notice)

We are a friendly laid back guild that like to have a laugh, but also know to get down to business when it comes to raiding.

RBG team currently forming if PvP is also your thing.

If this sounds like you see me in game, Battle tag Noodlez318#1170


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