Mage & Holy Paladin LF Raiding Guild

Experienced Holy Paladin & Mage LF Semi-Hardcore Raiding Guild

The title basically sums this up. My holy paladin buddy and I are looking to raid together in a competent guild going into MoP. I'm willing to faction change and xfer, but we'll be looking at the guild's current progress. We'd like to find a good home to last us a while.

The Guild can be 10 or 25m (preferably 25,) raids 2-3 days a week. Raid needs to start at 9pm PST(12am EST) at the earliest because of our schedules. Other than that, we're just looking for a decent raiding guild with solid leadership that doesn't stand in fire.

About us!

Vyrne, Holy Paladin Extraordinaire: Picked the game up towards the end of BC and raiding noobishly as ret in Naxx10/25, joined a raiding guild for the first time with a friend as Holy and stuck with it as his main ever since. Cleared (while current) WotLK: 4/5 H ToGC 10m, 11/12 H ICC 10/25m Cata: 7/13 H T11, 6/7 H FL 25m (Firelord during DS), 8/8 H DS 25m. Got all of the Cata heroic raid bosses killed in pugs and guild groups at one point or another.

Has been complimented on being a very solid holy paladin in many of the guilds he's raided with, and has a habit of busting his !@# to be the guild's top healer. Laid-back, he makes profane jokes every now and then (or all the time, especially involving sandy $%^-*!s) and flirts with officers as a favourite pass-time.

Frozan, Mage Mastermind: Introduced to WoW around the time ICC had come out, I sluggishly muscled my way up 80 over the course of an eternity. I quickly picked up raiding when I found a helpful 10man guild. WotLK: 4/12 H ICC 10m, Cata: 7/13 heroic T11 10m, 6/7 H FL 10m, 1/8 H DS 10m. By the time DS was released many of my guild members at the time quit, and so rather than find a new guild I decided to take a break from the raiding scene.

I'm not a silver-tongued @#$%^-* like my paladin buddy, but I am a huge flaming !@#$%^. I ave a crude sense of humour and enjoy making fun of people, but in a joking manor. Mostly. I also enjoy league of legends.

Olivia Wilde is hot:

I'll be checking back on this thread a couple times a day, so feel free to ask any questions here and now before we apply to your guild, just to see if we're a good fit ahead of time.


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