Ret pally 2v2

My brother and I will be doing some 2v2 together this season, he rolls ret pally. I cannot decide what I want to roll atm. Having fun with warr @ 90 in small scale WPvP, however I have never played a ranged toon in arenas and would like to give one a try.

As far as 2v2 goes what would a ret pally prefer to take for 2v2 as far as ranged classes go? Would a warrior still be an easier 2200 comp? My brother has a disability and I would like to keep as little pressure on him as possible - however we would like to climb as close to 2200 as we can.

I have an 85+ of everything but priest and Monk, I enjoy every class to an extent and level of overall fun does not play a factor in my decision.

Not looking to play heals.
Warrior would probably be pretty decent with HoF, actually. But there's probably better.

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