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Hi, my friend just invited me back to wow to try out, and I was thinking of trying a new character. During the sign up I clicked on "Skip this step" when they asked me to claim a reward.

How do I go back to that page and select level boost? I did not select any reward prior (I know you can only have one, and not both the transfer + level boost)
Actually, you can do both, but it must be on the same toon.

Log into your account using the link above and look for the rewards section.
You should be able to claim the rewards from here:
Awesome thanks guys. Just wondering, how'd you get to that address if one were to go in manually, cause I was stuck at that screen for ages trying to figure it out.

Once again, thanks.
Once you've logged into your account, chosen your wow account, there should be a link at the bottom that says "Referrals and Rewards". Click on the Scroll of Rez there and it should take you to the same place ;)
Make sure you do the level boost and character transfer at the same time. If you only do one it will not let you do the other.

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