pally absorbing?

Note: this is me playing on a separate account which doesn't work on the forums.

on a dk
watching my combat log while fighting a pally in a bg. i noticed this pally absorbing just about All of my dots damage and a large sum of my hits. I crit for 110k+ sometimes. This pally didn't drop to 50% hp once and i know i do good dmg i cc'd him silenced him. I've got 24% pvp power on my dk.

So, to test this even more i asked the 2 higher dmg players in the bg on ally side to join me in hunting this paladin down. All 3 of us popped cooldowns and this paladin did not die. I can't vouch for how well their damage was it was a bit lower then mine on the chart. But, nonetheless A paladin Absorbing this much damage should Not be happening. Whether he was doing something illegal i do not know but i was doing arenas the past few days and never encountered something like this. Being good wasn't a part of it either. this pally didn't use A single heal (maybe holy shock but no casts.) just absorbing and his bubble on occasion.

Once again though. CC is being brought up. there's too much cc in this game right now for pvp. some needs to be reduces or removed from pvp.
dude dk's absorb way more then pallies...
10/07/2012 07:03 AMPosted by Warrìor
dude dk's absorb way more then pallies...

why you think i find this unusual. this guy absorbed a LOT...
maybe he had his bubble up.
10/07/2012 07:36 AMPosted by Warrìor
maybe he had his bubble up.

You never miss a bubble..
Illuminated healing. when casts holy shock, it's an invisible bubble that pops up that absorbs like 64-100k dmg. with just one holy shock

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