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Hello everyone :) So after few years of playing in private servers, due to not having money to afford retail, I am going to start retail. I just recently moved to USA and started to work, so I can afford playing in retail :) I know that I will experience a new game now, because everything works and people are much nicier and etc. But I heard that it takes a lot of time to get everything once you get to max level and I have like 3h every day only to play wow and weekends, so I am just concerned if it will be enough or is it worth paying and playing if i have not a lot of time. So yeah that's the biggest concern for me. Second thing is I can't decide wich server to choose, I like PVE mostly and I would like to have some mature, laid back guild with some raids ofc, but not a hardcore raiders, because I don'y have enough time for that. I live in NY state, long island so that's an eastern time zone if anybody cares. So yeah, please give me some advices should I or should I not and why , thank you :)
First and foremost, it's best not to advertise that you play on a private server. This is against Blizzard's terms and conditions and can get you banned.

Now to business: I have a similar schedule to yours, playing 2 or 3 hours a day on weekdays and longer on weekends and I have no trouble getting characters to max level. It takes a couple months but it is doable. Part of the game is the journey to level 90, after all, so go ahead and enjoy the content.

As for a decent guild, you can look through the guild recruitment forum to see if there are any there that look half decent. If you do see something there, just make a character on that server and use the guilds interface in-game to request an invite in case there is nobody on at the moment who can do it. Contrariwise, you can join any of the PvE realms and see if there are any good guilds advertising in Trade chat. There are plenty of social and leveling guilds out there who will be happy to let you join. And if you don't like the guild you joined, there is no penalty to leaving the guild later (though it's polite to mention to your guild why you left).
It certainly doesn't take 3 hours a day of playing. O.o not sure where that came from. If you intend to get into raiding that will take a time commitment if your guild is progression oriented.

As for choosing a server there's a sticky at the top that can offer far more information that we can.

FYI Private servers are bad. REALLY REALLY bad. Like the people running them are breaking the law bad.
10/07/2012 08:37 AMPosted by Hairybowls
I have like 3h every day only to play wow and weekends, so I am just concerned if it will be enough or is it worth paying and playing if i have not a lot of time

3 hours X 30 days = 90 hours.

$ 15 divided by 90 hours = less than 17 cents an hour.

What other entertainment do you have in mind that's cheaper than that?
Sorry for the pservers. I didnt intend to advertise them, just mentioned but still, sorry. I don't say that it is expensive, but I was worries if it is enough time to play and enjoy playing you know. As for server, I saw that people says that there are dead servers or w/e. I am just worried not to get into that kinda server. And one more thing about enable/disable pvp, Can you do it in all servers or only in normal/rp servers ?
There aren't really dead servers. There are low population servers but they feel a little more active with the cross-realm zone feature.

Enable/Disable pvp is mostly for normal servers because on a PVP server in contested areas pvp is always enabled.

On the subject of private servers, let's just say I'm glad you decided to come to retail.

As others have mentioned private servers are against the rules, but more then that, they don't have the real wow experience. Private servers are buggy, broken, imbalanced, have population issues, are open to exploits and donaters, among so many other issues.

When you try the real game I'm sure you'll want to stay.
To give you an idea: I spent maybe 15 minutes this morning playing, and I had a blast. :) WoW makes it easy to play as much or as little as you like, and still get something accomplished. Like this morning what I did was have this gal learn a new Inscription, and then picked crops on my farm and planted a new set on my rogue.

Then again, I'm quite easily amused.

As Monmonn said, "dead" servers just mean they are low population, so they don't have as many server-local groups running raids. However, with the advent of Dungeon Finder and Looking For Raid, you don't really need to be on a high population server, unless you're interested in progression raiding.

Just look on the server list for what population each server is at the normal time you play. I love Medium servers, because they do have some raid groups running, but you're not hideously overwhelmed with people. Again, that's just my personal preference, though.

Just be aware if you pick a high population server, there may be a queue time to enter and play right now, as the latest expansion just came out.

Welcome to WoW!
Yeah thanks for the advice :) And what about rdfs, does every server have almost same amount of low level players to be able to do rdfs at all level ranges ? ANd same with bgs, does every server have enough people to do bgs at all level ranges ? Cause i would like to level up through everything not only questing so I am concerned about that :) Thank you guys !!
The Random dungeon and BG systems take into account all servers, so it doesn't make a difference how many level XX are on your server. When you que into them you'll be put into a group of people cross-server.
So I should only be concerned about end-game raiding and guilds? Not about leveling, that sounds cool then :)
10/07/2012 10:13 AMPosted by Hairybowls
So I should only be concerned about end-game raiding and guilds? Not about leveling, that sounds cool then :)

Pretty much. Low-pop servers also have a much smaller selection of things listed on the Auction House (in-game version of e-bay that uses in-game gold).

In the realm selection screen, it lists all the servers on the North American client as well as their server type and currently-logged in population size.
Ok , you cheered me up now guys :D I can't wait to start playing now :) Cya ingame :)
Yeah and I still having a hard time finding a guild, I know I can do it later and maybe transfer, but I would like to find some mature and helpfull guild, because there is way to much guild in recruitment forum and most of them are searching for end game raiders, I would like to have guild because of perks and ofc for maybe 5 man raiding , some low level bgs and etc, so idk what to do and it is way to much to cycle through all the realms and their forums to check for guild, maybe some advice or maybe you know some guild or server with guilds in it to help peeps and etc. Thank you
There is a guild finder button in game that can help you find guilds and say what you're looking for. You can also use trade chat.
Every realm has many many guilds. There's a few different kinds of guilds, and each type has it's own focus.

For leveling assistance, guidance, and people to group up with while leveling (plus all the guild perks) you'll want a "leveling" guild. There's many of these on every server, so even if you find one that doesn't quite click with you, don't hesitate to leave the guild and find a different one.

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