Looking for 1 Tank and 1 DPS

Guild Recruitment
Immediate spot for 1 Tank and 1 DPS
Who Are We?
US- Earthen Ring's Temerity is currently recuiting well-abled and like-minded
individuals who are looking to push limits and progression in World of Warcraft's new
expansion Mists of Pandaria. We do have our doors open to all 85s+ as a social member.
A social member may also opt into being a back-up raider, given his role, class, and
skill. Socials will be welcomed into the folds of Temerity with open arms, but will not be
extended a raid invitation.

Curently Recruiting Any Expetional Player But Spots are Open for Blood DK ANY MONK Range DPS and a Fury Warrior. But if you are expetional Feel free to contacs US and apply.

What You Should Know
Raids are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8:00 until 11:00 PM EST.
That means for three hours, you're completely focused and ready to work. There
will be one 5 minute break at 9:00 PM to stretch your legs, take care of personal
business, etc.
We are not building a raid team that will be able to swap people around willy-
nilly. Unexcused absenses will have consquences. We understand that life
happens and we understand that you pay $15 dollars a month. We need you to
understand that it is everyone elses' $135.
Know your class and role. If I have to explain this, please just hit the back key.

Temerity is a hardcore guild without the hardcore hours. We work with the hours we
have and we expect the same from our raiders. We're looking for raiders that are 100%
progression motivated, we want players excited to show up to raids to progress on a new
fight. The "lets bash our head against this boss until it falls over" only works to a certain
extent and not on the later heroics of current content. We expect all of our applicants to
come to the guild drama free, knowing their class in / out and any relevant content that
we may be working on. Again, we're not recruiting for the bench and not looking for
players that only show up certain nights. If we want to keep you, we're keeping you for
the long haul. If you're interested so far, go ahead and read the rest of this post then head
to our website and read some more before applying.

Contact Us!
There are several ways to contact us at Temerity by going to our website at:

You can email us at temerityguildrecruiting@gmail.com

Frënchy - Savard891@gmail.com
Chandramani- kojimo418@gmail.com
Erebus: mherrera050@gmail.com
Looking for a new guild for my Hunter (iLvl 470) and Mage alt (iLvl 399/will be leveling soon). I prefer a guild that needs a Hunter on their roster aka no benching for favorites. Please contact me via in-game mail if interested. The alt code for the y in my name is Alt 152. Wisp in game or request RID if interested.



Time Zone: Central
Availability: Evenings Pref after 6PM local time
Raid Exp:
11/13 H Cata
6/7 H FL (Pre-Nerf) 7/7H Cata
8/8 Heroic Dragon Soul
1/6 MoP

Current Beta Raid Tests Done:
Heart of Fear - Wind Lord Mel'jarak
Terrace of Endless Spring - Tsulong

*Update* Raid ready and have BiS pre-raid gear and a few epics/tier, looking for immediate progression guild. Ready to XFER.
Kinda hard to log on illidan Can you send me a real id request? @ Savard891@gmail.com?
ITS A 100% SPOT!
TY gl with your search.
Still Searching Aww
Still looking!!

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