Addons blocking glyph interface. Fix it!

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Alright, I've grown sick of this, and I've concluded it's not any of my addons' fault, but the fault of the Blizzard UI.

The issue is that most of the time, when I try removing a glyph or talent via right clicking it, and I get the confirmation window, clicking yes will cause another window to take it's place stating that xxxx addon is blocked by the Blizzard UI, and asks me if I want to reload my UI to disable the addon.
Ignoring will keep the addon loaded, but I'm still not able to remove glyphs or talents.
Disabling will reload my UI, disabling the addon, and then allowing me to remove my glyph or talent.

All good and fine... except it's not just one addon. It's ALL the addons. That error will KEEP appearing until all your addons are disabled >.>

There's no way that EVERY addon I have causes the SAME issue.

I'm no addon dev, nor do I understand the nitty gritty of the code, but I have talked with others who know a thing or two about addons, who have had the same issue, and they all point their fingers towards blizzard's UI, and not the addons.

So, in other words, there is something wrong with the default Blizzard UI that is causing other addons to block the talent and glyph interface.

Fortunately, a simple /reload ui will fix the issue... temporarily.
It is caused by one/several of your addons because of known Blizzard error with global "_" variable. Should be fixed at both sides.

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